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  1. I might have to go with Rainbow Six Siege for one of my consoles in that case since I usually play a lot of CS:GO in my spare time and I find both games very alike, Division also sounds interesting too so I'll be sure to look into that. Thanks for the reply
  2. It's been a while since I spent over £40 on a single game and felt like it was worth every penny, the last one I bought I believe was either Wolfenstein New Blood or Metal Gear Solid 5. I'm planning on getting a really popular released game sometime soon, I'm interested in getting Star Wars Battlefront, The Division or Rainbow Six Seige, but damn there's way too many to choose from. I'm mostly into First Person Shooter or RPG genre of games but anything else will be fine as long as it's not a sports game like FIFA, any recommendations would be highly appreciated. I own an Xbox One, a PlayStation 4 and a PC (of course). Thanks guys!
  3. I understand. Sorry to bother you guys and thanks for the replies. I'll see if me and my friend can find other ways of advertising our group.
  4. Sorry that was me signed in as a guest.
  5. Me and my friends are running a group together and we want to recruit more people to our group. However I'm having some issues here: I don't know where is the most suitable to post the thread about it on this site. I have posted a thread advertising our group on the Lotus Steam group, however it got removed soon after. I'm assuming that the group doesn't accept group advertising so I'm curious if that rule is set on this site too. Thanks.
  6. I feel you man. Usually when I get lag spikes too often I'd quit playing the game, but if it's the Tough Break Contracts were talking about then I'd push myself to the limit just to get it done. I'm having the same issue here except for the new Payload map that was added.
  7. Oh for the love of- *pulls out cash bundle* just give me the Tough Break Pass...
  8. So far I'm planning on getting Fallout 4, Black Ops 3, a new graphics card and a £30 Steam voucher. What about you guys?
  9. Well, since it's december...
  10. My favourite number of the alphabet is blue, what's yours?

  11. This happened again yesterday, but I haven't seen this bug again since. Nirrox may be right, it may have been patched just recently. Nevermind it's still happening
  12. A coin that levels up for kills? Welp, guess I'll be using an idle server now.
  13. Now they've blocked the spawn exit, this is getting out of hand.
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