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  1. Let's Bumping this topic, picures of yours is not available anymore. can you using new pictures of this dead game? i really love this game since 2008
  2. Zymethf


    Hi Gregor, Firstly i'm sorry what've done for bumping this my old topic, Finally i got my back Pc which before was sold for some priv reas. now i had new pc and i decided to play this amazing game again to make my memories not gone. What've you told me Gregor i lost it. i don't remember anything else especially about re-coloring the Teams Would you teach me Again like old times we've done?. Also i forgot to tell to you "Thanks alot" for helping me to much.
  3. Zymethf


    how i can use effect weapon? teach me and if i use it have a damage for hit? or just decoration? and how learn kenji in Dojo? teach me too...
  4. Zymethf


    give me picture i dont know it
  5. Zymethf


    how to replace the current kenji character adventure ? like I want kenji exchanged so koril or zymeth or other?
  6. Zymethf


    Rly Thanks ! how to put another hero to keep ? such kenji to keep Wolf/Lotus? teach me Sir....
  7. Zymethf


    well done.... now i need video for teach me how edit team colors and change hero skill to kenji skill(Critical Strike)
  8. Zymethf


    how to edit colors? and make me video pls(i rly ned it) and how edit all hero keep skill change to Critical Strike(kenji skill)?
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