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  1. Oh i see thanks. Have u ever tried to make dojo building or any building into upgradable one? something like upgrade to serpentholm and the function of the keep will use on it? So it can summon 1 hero only? Or it is possible to make a new building that has same function with the keep?
  2. Let me try it for abit. One more thing, is it possible that u can only train one hero. For example i would like to train peasant into kenji. If i already had kenji i cant train another one. Thanks for helping out
  3. Btw i made a new BG and i add it to shinja the poison thing. But when i summon shinja from the keep. BR crashed.
  4. Btw is it possible to make a nee bg and abilities? I read it with your guide. But i dont really get it. It said to choose among reserve but how can i set the new bg and abilities that i want to set. Please elaborate more and add some screenshot. And the training guide u made works properly thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply i will update you about the progress btw thanks ur always kind and realiable
  6. Hi, i am requesting for a full detailed tutorial about modding br data. Im hoping a tutorial with screenshot. Like making new training system Changing Max population Adding new abilities or changing it and also for the battlegear And changing the damage of hero or a unit. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi i have a problem in adding new training unit. In my case Dragon Peasant will enter well and go out as a monk. But training wont load. I already change training time into 25 please can anyone help me? Thanks
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