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  1. It's possible, but I don't know how though. I recall seeing videos on youtube that shows custom model units. Extracting the right .DAT file will be a PITA though.
  2. Sorry for this very late reply, but no, there's none. I don't think we're active enough for a Discord unfortunately.
  3. Some of your request seems to be quite vague. When you say 'stronger' do you mean increased attack power? More range? More speed? More health? More stamina? All of the above?
  4. I've been testing out the game on skirmish, and only now I realised that the AI can accumulate more rice and water than you, even if none of the peasants are working. In the last skirmish, all of the clans were Dragon. It was a snow map, so rice growth rate is very minimal. Seeing that I was very successful in harassing their peasants throughout the entire game, I was sure that I would get more resources in the end. It didn't. So what gives? Is there anything in the Data Editor that I can use to edit the AI's resource capability?
  5. Since I can't seem to upload files in this forum, I'll just post the link to the mod: http://www.moddb.com/games/battle-realms/downloads/battle-realms2 More info can be found on the introduction document in the folder. Do give me your critiques regarding the mod.
  6. Where exactly can I find these Tooltip files? Figured it out, I don't seem to know how to save the edits I made to the tooltips. Any ideas how?
  7. Anyone got any idea how does the health cost work? I tried this on two units, the Lotus Warlock and Lotus Diseased One, with the ability Dark Arson and Death Wail respectively. The Warlock has 300 HP while the Diseased One has 230 HP. When I set the health cost for DA to 200, it actually resets the Warlock's health to full. When I set the cost to 100, it cuts out half of the Warlock's health. When I set it to 150, a near full health Warlock would have just a smidge of health left. As for the Diseased One, When I set it to 150 HP cost for Death Wail, it only cuts out half of the DO's health. When I set it to 190, it cuts the health to red. I can't seem to figure out how the value works. Its not an absolute value for the HP, nor is it going for the HP's percentage value. Anyone can shed some light on this? *extra question: Anyway to edit the console tooltip?
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