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  1. Hi guys I finally find out why AI not deploying Necromancer...it take me so may times to try. all you have to do is open data editor and go to Data_UnitToWarPartyEffectiveness select Type 50, 51, 52 and set value for each columns like assault,raiding,defense..etc (in this case number means possiblities, if you set higher the unit will be more common AI use it) In doing so, you will find out AI will add Necromancer into their troop. The reason why AI will not bulid necromancer is because the Type 51(zombie) , 52 (spirit warrior) all the column number are zero, which make AI not deploying..
  2. Actually mine is the same. 4 is the maximum. My guess is that this might be already written in core and cant be changed. and about ur arah, what is the way u change unit? is just changing the model type and keep its original ID or bascially switched unit ID to the other ? becoz if u doing the later u need to modify data_weapons and data_projectiles. They're connected to each other.
  3. go to Data_buildings --> AI max Default. And set a limit num that's it.
  4. hi, can you give me some tips about how to use make climate snow effect & zymeth lightstrike or something he use that bg and nearby enemys get lightshock and dead displayed in this video? btw i know how to make a new bg but i just dont know how to summom snow climate :DDDD tks in advance.
  5. ohh.. so you solve this bug before? what did you do? trying to reduce population? or just make peasant spawn slower? my first suggestion is that maybe its because i set the spawn ratio to 1 that peasant spawn so fast and also bug appear when population up to 70 which is maximun. i dont have time to figure out why becoz i have some reports to turn in. maybe i will tried it in late January.
  6. ugh..I got a nasty bug that ai would stop activiting and i dont know why. i set the population for each clan for 70, and i edited not only spawn rate to 5 sec but fast/last rate to 1 which means 1-70 peasant spawn all with 5 sec. in doing so, ai generate more troop and that's quite interesting. but after a while some bot stop activiting i mean just stop, peasant stop harvesting, troop stop attacking, they just like got frozen. how is that?
  7. ya I did but AI still make a ton of units instead of reaper. So I change the model type from blade man to reaper so that AI use it more frequently undoubtedly. BTW, among a battle realms fan's quote, how can I make the AI build ''necermancer throne'' to guide AI spawn the necro ? cause necro is a deadly weapon and if AI use it, the game will be more interesing.
  8. well I try it but it didn't work just like before... is I miss something or not and there is another question: how can I speed up the units attacking speed to make them attack quicker? tks:)
  9. Mr.Modder : What can I do to promote superiority of the units that AI used? e.g. AI usually don't generate reaper too much, but I want the way to elevate the possibility of AI using that reaper. thanks in advance.
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