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  1. [vaio}ratatoullie

  2. bb SolidSnake good Luck

  3. exactly i said i gtg after 15 mins...i used whirling spear once or twice to Bens nd ur canons which didnt kill many then i was away i didnt leave coz i thot Sora (fake) wud b alone (coz batusai is ofcourse a noob all he make is bandit and ronins) so i rallied my only bathhouse to infront of soras base...and i was nowhere near my pc not anywhere near my room..lol..wen i got back it was finished...i didnt give any excuse i said wat is true...so stop getting excited with ur wins
  4. wat a lamer...starting to post when 1 is closed by admins...and btw i left in da middle of the game when i rallied my hut to bathhouse to allied base and i told all before doing that...and u killed dem 1 by 1..no wonder the stats...and our other partner was a complete noob..lol anyway gg legend dennis
  5. SolidSnake

    Cp's Secret

    that means quite a few people already know it...and if its undetectable then we are relying heavily on trust coz people might be tempted to use this when losing...by fog of war do u mean...u dnt get blinded by smoke flash powder etc or smthing else?
  6. Loser masterpenis...close topic when its emminent to you, that what a loser you are...all u can do to insult people is trying to insult family and sucking dick...i think ur dad actually forces u to suck his dick...dats y u became wat u became... all credit (or discredit i shall say) to domestic violence and molestation....my sympathies for u...bye bye
  7. lol MasterPenis...ur name doesnt reflect that u got a dick so small that it can be said u dnt even have a dick..dats y u like to suck others all time..anyway ignoring da insults... I knw wat u r...u r just a STREET BEGGER trying to get people's attention even if it means by annoying them or starting flaming topics about them coz frankly you miss getting people's attention in real life...dont worry tho when ppl will start getting wat type of a loser u r...they will start ignoring ur crap from ur filthy mouth...get a brush nd clean it..it stinks... dnt consider urself unlucky if you dont get attention in real life, there are more unfortunate people there. like for example, people who are unlucky enough to be around you. your parents first of all..ur mom and the Unfortunate DONKEY...i feel sorry for you.. No need to reply i get it now...u want attention..but u wont get any from me...soon not from any1 else..so go to some other forum..lol
  8. I emphasize my final point...coz it seems u r incapable of getting it...no wonder u r an idiot...Which is get a life which u dont have...once u have a life i think u wont bother every1 with your bs...so we will knw...now dnt cry if i hurt ur feelings...i m just trying to help
  9. u proved it dat u r also an ordinary player...nowhere near ben sora cp... by saying nekro is same as u lol which is slightly true because actually nekro is better than u...wen u win u used to say u got luck...u win by luck and post those in ur pathetic topic...wen u lose u dnt and now saying wen u lose u experimenting...i dnt care wat u call me...people know me better than than u...and 1 more last thing b4 i finish it here...GET A LIFE DUDE!!
  10. dennis u proved it for me lol...i beat nekro most of the times anyway...and as far as i knw Ben Missing are by far (and I mean by far) better player than you are.. you dont compare to them...and you lie a lot...you lost me experimenting...then the few games i lost to you was also experimenting..lol the word honest doesnt even suit your filthy mouth so better not mention it
  11. lol dennis...havent seen a worse loser dan you before...when u knw u cant win with ur words (coz frankly donkeys are pretty dumbasses...dats y deir other name is ass) u start with da nasty business... i dont need to put a life in it..u r doing it fine by being a donkey..its fun to see a donkey's stupidity..lol so go cry to ur mom and say why she had sex with a donkey in the 1st place....
  12. lol dennis i dnt get offeneded by a fools bullshits...and u r right truth hurts and dats y u stopped reading my post not coz its boring but coz its true and lets face it u cant take it...lol who said I am claiming to be a legend? talk to you with respect? as if u deserve any or even better capable of holding any respect. btw even if u do deserve respect which is far from the possibility i dnt respect donkeys. fullstop
  13. hahaha masterdennis..u really make me laugh...i think sum ppl are right...either you dont have a life or trying to get more post so u get ur status up...if da latter, still u dont have a life...i said i dnt care who is better who is not...i didnt say i dnt care about this topic...i care coz i think you are a dumbass to make a topic about this, so i think i should do something to point out what an asshole you are if you already dont knw it. I am sure you class partners already did that if you have any only if you are even a little bit sociable which I fairly doubt...and masterdennis you are a big liar as well...you lie your way around to everywhere..it wont work with me...i never played in team with you...coz i think you are THE worst person to play a team game with. so dont start lying everywhere again and I think not me, you need to learn how to SHUT THE FUCK UP...coz u got a big mouth not any1 else in this forum...I would suppose most of the people here will agree with me you always try to insult others by saying you are like fadel or bit better than fadel...but i think even Fadel can insult others by saying they are like You. now keep your fucking stupid ideas to youself and try to spend your time to slightly more important issues...that way you will make every1 a big favor so dat they dont have to waste THEIR time reading your wasteful topics
  14. masterdennis, i have rarely seen pathetic people like you. you just prey on people who dont want to pick fight on you. and you try buttering the people who actually knw how pathetic you are. example here is how you trying to butter light. lol who cares who thinks who is legend and who is not. I frankly dont care who is good player and who is not. Btw legend means a popularized myth. and by saying that Dark Kabuki never improve and not very good player, you just proving Dark is legend since people believe in myth coz they think Dark Kabuki is good player which makes it legend. Legend means unverified stories dude And by putting your singnature ''I am true BR legend'' you are proving 2 things. they are 1. You accept you lost 2. You are really pathetic And to make sure you lose i ll go for Dark is legend
  15. I see so many people's concern over some1 who left a game got 1 yin/yang...but Y? here is why... In br, if u leave a game after a certain time with a minimum pop...even tho u havent fought or killed any1, you get a yin/yang after u leave (ie when you all your units die ideally). But you dont see that. The guy who leaves after that, can see the opponent lost that many peasant and got 1yin/yang in return. in this case masterdennis didnt leave the game, the other guy did...so when masterdennis sees the stats, it says his opponent lost that many units while he didnt kill them. SO the opponenet get 1yin as it seems to him without even fighting Check that if you want. I thot soo many of these knowledgeable br people have noticed that before!
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