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  1. Hey is there nobody that can help me????
  2. Hi, I just want to know how I can shut down software rendering on my computer generally. Because I found out that it could be the reason why I get those computer mistakes most times in old games (not Battle Realms). Here you get a picture of what I mean but it is in german because I don´t know if english computers also have this problem: http://www.trojaner-board.de/attachments/1...elst-fehler.jpg Yesterday I wanted to play Rainbow Six Rogue Spear and I wanted to try something with the graphic options so I choosed Software rendering and then the problem arrives. Thats why I think this could be the problem. So again does somebody know how I can shut down software rendering generally on my computer? Thanks for help. Greetings. samuraispirit
  3. Wow thats hard to say for me. Sometimes I like Kenji to be the freedom bringer in the dragon campaign and sometimes I like his badness in the serpent campaign. But I´m abolutely clear with myself that the dragon campaign is definetily more hard then the serpent one! Also I´m not sure which clan of them I like more. I like them both the same.
  4. Hi all, the last days I was a littlebit afraid because sometimes I couldn´t connect to the site and yesterday it told me that the site was timed out. I get a heart attack! I just wanted to ask if all is ok with the site? I remember the time where the site was down and it had need around one week to make a new account (the actual battlerealms.cc). I hope the site will not go down. Greetings samuraispirit
  5. As Kabuki told you those 2 buttons are the only chance to "command" your AI partner a littlebit. But REALLY commanding is not possible. Greetings samuraispirit
  6. samuraispirit


    I also have to say that the first Geishas ever were men not women. I had read that. I got a wonderfull book where you can read about the life of one of the most popular Geisha´s in Japan. Mineko Iwasaki: Geisha, a life http://www.unc.edu/~bardsley/geiko/mineko.jpg A very good book written by Mineko Iwasaki about her own life. When you read it you feel like you would be one part of the story. It was the first book ever I had read from beginning to the end and its the best book also in my opinion. Greetings samuraispirit
  7. AI mostly is very strong. Its good to learn from the AI. Of course the AI isn´t good for learn defending yourself against rushing because they don´t do that. But I play more often against AI then against human players (because against the AI I have a 10% chance to win because I´m so bad ). Also the campaign is good to learn how to play because in much missions you are very stressed because you play often against more then just one opponent. There you can learn how to beat stressfull situations. For example Dragon Campaign the mission where you defend the great Geisha house at the beginning of the campaign. There you learn how to survive with a few units against more enemy units and how to use your heroes perfectly. So its good for learning from the AI. Also how you can fast build your village (just make one AI allied and watch how he build his village). And I wouldn´t say that AI is easily to beat when you play with 40 units. For example the AI Zymeth or Issyl are very strong if they play Lotus clan. Greetings samuraispirit
  8. samuraispirit


    Very great picture! Amazing! Where did you get it? But this Geisha looks more like those ones from the Serpent Clan so how can a Kabuki Warrior get her? Anyway {{clan}}MeD I had heard of this movie. But in my opinion I wouldn´t watch it because its a movie about Geishas but there is just one japanese actor! The Geishas were played by Gong Li, Zhang Zhiyi etc. who all are chinese actors. This movie is a fake. :angry:
  9. So many vietnamese players. I´m wondered. Anyway if they don´t learn english we can´t chat with them (or just some of us can).
  10. If they could Ronin´s would getting useless of course. Look the Spearman is just a level 1 unit but the Ronin is a level 3 unit! The spearman just would have a chance if the Ronin got very less of Health Points and the spearman already got 100% healthpoints.
  11. samuraispirit

    100 Peasants

    Oh I´m sorry that the link doesn´t work. The time I searched it for you it worked normally without any problems. Anyway if you want to have great battles with thousands of units in Japan then go to ebay and buy Shogun Total War.
  12. samuraispirit

    100 Peasants

    We already talked about it to raise the number from 50 to 100 peasants and we find out that it would be very dangerous for the internet connection and also for the balancing between the clans (wolf get peasants more faster and with 100 they could rush too easily). Please look here: http://www.battlerealms.cc/forums/index.ph...t=0&start=0 Greetings samuraispirit
  13. I just would say that Arah is a masculin girl but of course she also can be a SHEMALE! Maybe thats the answer you need to this stupid topic. If Arah is a girl or not it doesn´t matter. Because its just a little figure of a computer game! Greetings samuraispirit
  14. Hi, when you are logged in click on "My profile" on the top of your screen. Then a new window open. Now click on "Change personal photo" on the left side of the screen (its in the section "Personal Profile"). Now click on the button "search" to search for a picture on your computer (the maximum is 150 x 150 pixel). Then choose the picture you want to upload and then click on the button "open". After that click on the button "Update Photo". Thats all. I hope this can help you. Greetings samuraispirit
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