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  1. Halik

    Do You Dare..

    No I wouldn't I don't wanna be a psycho serial killer!! An easy one: Would you dare to destroy your school? PS:Be advise what I'm about to write maybe considered as offensive: I will personally kill the person that replies to this and say something like:"No I wouldn't cuz I love school!". Consider yourself warned!!
  2. Actually Maria it's a very common name in portugal but don't really know it's origin!! Well My name is Tiago Silva!! Dunno by certain what's the translation to english! I have read it's jacob in a place another jim so I really don't know!!
  3. Halik

    Do You Dare..

    Yes I would!! Rather him than me!! Would you dare to shoot yourself to save someone you love?!
  4. The main objective for USA to wage a war it's profit! They profit with war!! And btw I'm xenophobos, I hate MOST OF americans, spanish and french!!
  5. I think the wolf clan units are the result of a wild night between an Orc and an Elf that were tottaly drunk!!
  6. Aauuuuu!! Wolf Wolf Wolf Aauuuu!! Althoug I suck wit them!
  7. Halik

    Wolf Clan Userbar

    Well Thank you zimi! Well I will try!!
  8. Halik


    You are all hitting on her!!??!

    Get a life ppl! :P

  9. Halik

    Wolf Clan Userbar

    Here it is!! It was made pretty quickly cuz I'm leaving in a few minutes and i will return monday but I didn't wanted you to think that I had forgotten!! This is still work in progress buthere it is: see you all monday!!
  10. Halik

    Wolf Clan Userbar

    well I can make one for dragon if you manage o get the logo!! Since the best pics I have done were with logos from other ppl! If someone would upload a good wolf logo too I would apreciate!! And I only will be able to work on it monday after cuz I will be off for the week end!! but post here anyway if I get any chance i will give it a shot!! About the colors it's seems I don't get any one right!!!
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