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  1. Hi I'm hecumarine creator of the mod "Battle Realms Corruption of the Lotus" which you can download on moddb. The mod is still in progress and I struggle to change some things. The mod is on halt for half a year because I failed to find a solution to the problems I encountered. I will post them now, maybe some of you will know something. Here goes: - I replaced the entire Serpent Clan with the Lotus Clan. Everything works like a charm except the watchtower. Units fail to climb on it. I replaced Serpent watchtower model with Lotus watchtower model. Lotus units lack climbing animation and that's the problem, so instead they float around and are bugged to the max. Tower teleport ability would fix the problem but to do that I would have to change Clan(integer) in Data_Buildings from Serpent (number 3) to Lotus (number2). When I do that the ability works but I can't build a watchtower because the building icon isn't working. - brotherhood crypt is replace from metal shop. The building works but I can't spawn brothers (Lythis, Tausil, Sehk). - Zymeth ability to call storm works. The rain appears and the weather changes but he's not using thunder to kill enemies. It's just not there. I tried changing his innate ability but it doesn't do anything. I replaced Kenji to Zymeth. So Kenji uses Zymeth model and his abilities. This is some serious advanced modding stuff but anyone who has a clue is welcome to provide solutions. Thank you all.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm hecumarine and I made huge modification for Battle Realms, it took me only two months to make it but a lot of hard work was put into it. I'm really curious if people will like it, well it's Lotus campaign after all, Battle Realms fans wet dream come true so here it is: http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-realms-corruption-of-the-lotus-campaign
  3. If anyone's interested, I've finished making the mod that I've been working on for so long. Now I don't know if posting a link here is allowed but here it is, it's a wet dream of all Battle Realms fans, playing as Lotus in campaign: http://www.moddb.com/mods/battle-realms-corruption-of-the-lotus-campaign Of course the mod will be further expanded but I'm taking a break for some time.
  4. Battle Realms text editor ? What is it and where can I download it ?
  5. No no that's not what I need to change. Maybe I should have been more specific. What I meant is that I need to change mission goals from the campaign. I want to leave all battle gear untouched. I only need to change description of the mission goals because I'm making custom campaign. Also I need to change dialogue lines from the cutscenes because I changed voices of characters but the text is from the original Kenji's Journey, so they speak something else and subtitles show something else. I know such files exist. For the mission goals it is goals.lte but when I change the text in notepad and save it in the same format the game does not recognize it.
  6. I don't quite understand whay you say but I think you mean that I should create a folder and put the .lte file in the game folder instead of recreating H2O ? If so, I already did. It also doesn't work.
  7. Okay, so far so good. All the previously mentioned problems are solved. By the way, thank you Gregor for helping me and providing many answers. I have yet another problem. I want to change in game text. I mean everything, mission goals, province descriptions, menu titles etc. I managed to extract the interface with H2O tool ( interface_text in particular). Everything worked fine. I edited the text in the file goals.lte with notepad. I saved the changes and built a new H2O archive with saved changes. But when I launched the game, it crashed immediately, there was a black screen for a moment and then game exited. Anyone know how to fix this ? P.S Mod will be huge I will provide you with the details once it's complete.
  8. Does anyone know if it's possible to extract dialogue resources from the campaign, replace them and put them back in game ? I want to have custom voices in Kenji's Journey instead of the regular ones.
  9. Sorry if it's wrong to bumb old thread but does anyone still have working link for Gui version ? Because the link that was provided in this thread is no longer working.
  10. What do you mean by that ? Could you be a little more specific ? As I mentioned earlier I already replaced the values from the Lotus Clan to Serpent Clan but when I changed the Serpent watchtower to Lotus watchtower the serpent units (with Lotus skin now) refuse to enter it. Also the second question. You said earlier that it's possible to replace the textures. How do I do that ? Could you tell me ?
  11. Are you sure about this , that there is definately no value to change it ? If it's true then it's really bad. I have no idea how to edit game textures and how to put them in game. Could you tell me if you know the way ? I guess it's time for me to uncover the cards. I'm making an ultimate Lotus clan mod for the campaign. I plan to change the entire serpent clan into the lotus clan so you can play as Lotus in Kenji's Journey. I'm far into development but I need help with three things as of now: - change icons of buildings as I mentioned earlier - enable units to enter lotus watchtower in serpent clan, because units just keep walking and they refuse to enter watchtower - make three brothers avaible in the brotherhood crypt, I changed metal shop to Crypt of the Brothers but I can't find a value to make them spawnable just like in the lotus clan Please help me people if you can. Pozdrowienia z Polski Gregor
  12. Thank you for your answer Gregor. Doing what you say indeed changes the icon for the building but the problem is, as I mentioned earlier it does change the icon ONLY when you click on the building. When I click on the peasant and the building menu shows up the icon is unchanged, it still shows necromancer's throne. Only if you click on the already built building it works. That's why I was asking. Some other value must be responsible for button pictures.
  13. Guys I have an important question and I would appreciate it if the answer would appear as fast as it can. So here goes. I'm making a mod for Battle Realms in which some buildings will be replaced. To be more concrete, I wish to replace the necromancer's throne from the Serpent Clan with the Warlock's tower from the Lotus clan, it means I want to be able to have the warlock's tower instead of the necromancer's throne while playing the serpent clan and to use it's abilities. I already replaced the model of the building and added the ability to put two warlocks to make master warlock to come out just like in the Lotus clan. I changed the sound to the proper one when clicking on the building and I changed the building description. I have only one BIG problem which I tried solving hundreds of times and I hope you will know the answer. I have this particular problem with the building icon. No matter how many times I tried, I can't change the building icon to the one from the Lotus clan. When I click on the peasant and he has all serpent buildings in the construction menu, the icon of the warlock's tower still has the icon of the necromancer's throne. I found one value in Data/Buildings to change the building button, but it changed it only when I click on the already built building not in the construction menu when I click on the peasant. I hope you guys understand what I mean and I hope someone will help me. Please it's very important to me. Thank you !
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