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  1. Ok tnx. But when it comes to your shinja it's diffrent. It looks like the one in story mode. Where can I go in situvn to make that changes? And how can I do that in my own mod using situvn. I just want to copy your character skins just like in your video
  2. Gregor how can I use the shinja skin that you have on this mod? I mean mine shows only brown sword case but yours also have the team color. Also your grayback has a wolf logo on his cape. How is that? How can I do that and what tools do I need to use? Thank you ^^
  3. ok.... btw... how can I add more watch towers ??
  4. no. Sorry it still didn't work... btw... I need the ninja battle gear invisible as well perhaps you can make another one? one that can learned? tnx I used the reserved 05 BG maybe you can use that to...
  5. Ohhhhh. tnx so much men. I'll check it out btw what is the adress that you chose to make the battle gear was it reserve 0?
  6. My friends and I Play Skirmish mode together but... I kinda want to patch this update for us to play with it... pls help us... All I need is a working teleport BG for a ninja
  7. i tried copying the oroginal BG but still no luck pls help... this is the only thing i need but can't fix it... if it's fine pls look at my".dat" file I used reserved file 0 (2nd) I'm trying to make a teleport BG with Coridor effect... Battle_Realms.dat
  8. it didn't work... Gregor. do you still have this File? This guy made a request that i also want... maybe I can copy the original format of the one you made in this .dat file...
  9. Oh. It's Fine then. tnx anyway btw... I'm having a hard time making a new teleport battle gear... I tried copying Koril's teleport battle gear and still won't work... I don't know what I did wrong Any suggestions? btw... i'm trying to make this teleport to work on any unit but i desperately need your help or if you have a .dat file that has a working teleport I would love to copy it if you can give me a link or anything that can help? tnx
  10. Oh. Wow. tnx For the Link but can show me as well a screen shot on how to extract and edit the file I'm having a hard time navigating the tools... sorry
  11. Hi Gregor Is it Okay if I make just one request from you? I would really appreciate it a lot I'm trying to re-make a new Balance Mod with added features but I just need some help from you Can you please send me an "H2o File that has (Shinja No Sword)'s Name change to (Lord Oja) and also a ling for a new h2otool file... cause the one posted here is no longer active. That is all I need thank you and I shall await for your response
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