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  1. I tried that but when I go play, the enemies (AI) and my allies (AI) always have 4x WatchTowers. I'm able to build up to 6, but whenever I play long games just to see that everyone built their Keep and everything they need, it's still 4x WatchTowers for them. Is it only applied to me? Edit: The AI Max Default, I set it to 6. Forgot to put it ^
  2. @Gregor8356 Is there a way to increase the limit of WatchTowers? Normally, the max is 4. I want to make the default to a max of 6 or 8 and also let the AI, allies/enemies, to be able to build up to 6 or 8 as well. How to increase the max of Town Square as well? I want to be able to make 2 Town Square instead of 1. That way I would not have to build as many Huts just to increase my Rice/Water capacity. Edit. I also edited the BR file to let a unit become Arah. For some reason, when I put Arah in the WatchTower, after she attacks some targets, when the targets are no more, sometimes she just does her attack animation/fire arrows, but nothing comes out. Or when enemies are in range, she targets them, but no arrows come out, basically just blanks. This is the same even if I don't make a bunch of Arahs, and just use the one from the Keep and have that as my only Arah in the game.
  3. I recently came back to this game and really miss it. I was wondering if anyone can make a mod for me if I want to request one. I don't know how to do it myself and am really not too good in these type of things and am usually busy with work. I was hoping if someone was able to just help make one with the stuff I want, not looking for much, hopefully it isn't and that way I can play the game with the few changes. Just some changes with units, like for example, dragon clan can make a samurai into Otomo. If so, and possibly, I'll add what I want here ^^;.