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    looking for that good ol' map

    guys!! do you know that small map that consist of 8 players but only has 1 big rice field in the middle, sharing it to each other and you start seeing each of your opponent gathering rice as you do that's all I remember about it me and my friends used to play that map a lot , when we move at my province I've reformatted my pc and lost all my game including battle realms. and now that I have new friends in town I've encourage them to play br I want them to know how funny to play that map is *peasant screeching intensifies p.s. I have downloaded a battle realms WoTW in torrent and it has that map already, it has some various custom maps and one that I remember is that valley of death (8) and I've seen that map on these forums so I hope that I can search it here but it is hard to find bc I use Internet explorer and images won't show until you downloaded it yourself. (sorry for my bad English)