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  1. BlackSnow

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    One more question: Is there any way to replace music files? I extracted the Music.H2O and renamed the files accordingly to the songs I want replaced, but they aren't working. And How do I also repack files into a .H2O and edit special effects? (lfx files) PD: Do you have Discord Gregor so it's easier to contact you?
  2. BlackSnow

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    I've been editing the .dat file's techniques and units, and I noticed that the global Poison upgrade I put no longer does poison damage, along with units that were meant to have Poison Damage in the first place, like Shinja. Anyone know how to fix this? Nvm I fixed it
  3. BlackSnow

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    Appart from that, is there a way to allow units to be trained inside the Dragon's monument for a Battle Gear, just like Wolf Clan's Shalery? The Enum option in the Battle Realms Data Editor isn't editable, so is there any way to maybe assign an enumerated type to the Monument.
  4. BlackSnow

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    Hello there! I wanted to ask if there was a way to allow a total of 6 heroes in the Keep for all clans? Dragon seems to allow it, but adding a sixth unit to the Keep of other clans seems to have no changes. Is this hardcoded? Also does anyone have a way to include voicelines for Hordelings and Nightvol?