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  1. Is there a step by step to create a new unit using one of the reserve unit slots? I am using reserved 00, which is in enum 9 And how to set speech for a new unit? Data_UnitSpeechFXEvents does not have slot for the reserve unit. I guess thats why the new ninja i made crashes the game, it cannot speak...
  2. oook I managed to get the ability to work more often by adding anim rate bonus.... heh.
  3. I have the data editor and trying to make the innate ability to have more benefits other than just rice growth. ? I added health and stam regen, gather rate increase, I got back into this game after a long hiatus, so; Does the ability only trigger when Gaihla scatters flowers? Then is there a way to get her to throw flowers more often? Usage type omnipresent means always on? Proximity effect continuous means always on? Theres so little info on innate abilities. And some innate abilities arent even that, like in data editor, arah has none, its in her weapon.
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