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  1. help me to dwonlod battle realms wotw free here plzzzz.. thx

  2. blue is popular because i am blue.
  3. kneel before the god of BR and your questions shall be answered through your experience. Don't forget to contribute good manners to BR world, or you will be condemned to gain all, but knowledge and reality. Now, the question becomes "Who is the god of BR?" Go seek the god by your lonely self.
  4. omg, i am the #1 best player at losing on your list!!! No one still believes me that defaulT is the best player. ok now, who is the most fun player to toy with? Definitely not Sora. but alvz is very fun. Muteki is fun too. NekromanT is fun too. Daysh is fun but alittle laggy. Best player for me defaulT based on personality; mimimimi based on skills; sora on skills; ben on experience; baxter on stupidity; I want legendary players to come back to br and let them taste the new br generation. Dont whine if you lose; isn't fun to lose? winning is boring if you win all the time. Toy with your enemy; dont be serious.
  5. it is better to nominate someone who has time for br forum. i dont got much time to spend here any more. i was once a moderator; but now i am deprived of that title and authority to delete posts or edit them. I decline to be nominated due to my lack of time for this forum.
  6. who stinks that yami is funny? lol, stinks, mispelled. ok, lets remind ourselves of the great greatest players that still journey in abyss of br. why do i laugh every time i see someone mentions about Fadel, usually comments about how good or bad he is? Perhaps it is just a funny joke that we all share in br community. why do most experts say that Ben is weak now, and most new players say Ben is the best after watching Ben's videos? what kind of videos are they? only the watchers know and it shall remain silent. why does kenji like to keep changing his clothes? Does he try to attract women or gay men? why Muteki keeps dying? how many lives does he have? when will the old man named NekromanT die? he is too old now, only bone and rotten flesh remain. why do players think that other players who can push boulders harders and faster as cheaters? is it because these players have inferior physical strength? DOnt take too much time to answer; just give me your stinking thoughts now. I thank myself.
  7. gamespy requires 3 ports to be opened. so open those ports. Also, you need version 1.50q to play br. You can download this version here. If you have wotw, you already have version 1.50q. I suggest you download gameranger at www.gameranger.com then activate it through your email. Then you go play in gameranger since gameranger only requires port 16000. However, you might not need to open this port because I did not open it and I can play just fine.
  8. lotus represents water because lotus is in water, serpent represents earth because nekro can raise zombies from earth, wolf represents wind (earth or more) because gailah is mother of nature, dragon represents fire because dragonfire. This can go on forever; so whatever you come up with makes sense. In fact, serpent represent Ben (used to), lotus represents Sora, wolf represents wolfbite, dragon represents Fadel. lol lol!!!
  9. i have read this post. very interesting because i have been playing br for at least 7 years since Kenji and I were accused of killing Kenji's Father. Now I have returned but not seeing Kenji. Playing for 7 years and still a noob, not new player. So who wants my opions on these questions? let me know and I will give my fun nooby answers.
  10. you made me laugh; so I had to reply to this. FOr me, nothing is annoying. Pressing wrong button means you need more training without your keyboard. All of the above can be annoying to most players because they allow their units to be that way. If you keep you eyes more wide open, then you will not have to be annoyed by these little things.
  11. Ru forgot about wolfbite. But WolfBite is not an active player; so I did not include in my list. WolfBite was a very good player.
  12. All i have to say here is that there are different levels of br players. If I want the best and closest approximate ratings of players, I would have to ask the most flexible and intelligent and fast learning players with years of experiences. This is so because I once was a very weak player and I rated most ok players that beat me the same as more advanced players because I could not see the difference. But now i got stronger and I could differentiate players. But to best judgement, it is better for better players to rate us all. Here is my rating based on my experience up to today. 0. defaulT (no one can beats his personalities; his true power has not been shown) 1. mimimi (used to be good, but now got lot stronger, fast learner;even I had hard time beating her) 2. Sora (did like him; now still like him; fast and innovative player; very flexible;has not improved much; we all should be fearful) 3. baxter (fast, flexible, innovative player; rated as top 3 because of his intelligence and agility and knowledge) 4. Ben (in top 4 because of his well known skills; fast but not very flexible; so gullible sometimes but strong; not easy to beat) 5. The_Hobbit (very strong and fast and good brainer, but can be boring to play with; this is why he is in top 5; if it werent for this reason, he would be #1) 6. Nekromant (good, but need to learn more micro and speed; with better micro and speed and brain nekromant can be very formidable; also need better connection) 7. Fresco (very good teammate) 8. epoX (fast learner, but too moody) The rest of the players are good too, but I think the above players are more superior. I dont want to judge myself because I would rate myself as the best player, lol. Why? Because I think I give most players fun games regarding losing or winning. I think I am fast and have good brain. However, there might be better players that I do not know that think my rating here is not very accurate. That is acceptable because only better players know better. Some of you may think that I am a serious player or a sore loser or arrogant. You are not wrong. I am what you think I am. I can be any type of player you want me to be. I do not take thinks personal.
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