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  1. ohh boy... maybe it is hard for you to get... Poin the words in my topic where I say that some clan is the best ??? I just said that dragon clan have the most powerful upgrades not that they are the most powerful clan... and no more yin yang doesn't bestow any bonuses to units...
  2. The situation I putted you in.... Well do you honestly think you could take me on counter attack with swordsman (even upgraded)if I had watchtowers too ??? I never make watchtowers when play 1v1 on big map cuz the game is like endless... but that's onother theme... You are missing my point big time. I never said serpent upgrades sux... I just said that dragon ones are better I can prove it too... I can tell you a lot of useless serp upgrades and honestly I cant think of useless one in the dragon clan... on your previous post you just said that drag upgrades jsut add to what they have and that is stupid in your opinion but then you said that swords's upgrade are very useful... weeel aren't they just adding to what swordsman already has ??? OK here is my point... Dragon clan is the most powerful when he combinates the BG of units.. however All of their units are weak... some low on hp some low on resistances some both.... So to survive long enough to make a combo of your BG you need a freaking hp upgrades.. that's all... How will my kabuki survive to go to the relatively close range to throw star dust with his stupid HP and his blunt and magic weakneses??? and many more examples... and about the effectiveness of guardians.... I dont need to coment that... guardian is one of the best dragon unit with awesome upgrades that aid his great BG-s....
  3. Is that so ? hmm I never said that Dragon bg-s are weak.... I just said that their upgrades are THE BEST and I stand for my word... hmm let's see 7 yang points spent give Kabuki dragon warrior samurai more damage and hit points... This is your fundamental melee squad (when DW attacks they do even more damage...) Do you know that samurai with 10 yang points+ yang balde + otomo's cry + battle maiden tower bonus can kill a serpent peas with 2 strokes ? and with dragon warrio fighting with them they kill swordsmen with 2 strikes... They can be devastating in battle... And tell me one weak UPGRADE of the dragon clan ??? which ? guardians got for stamina and hp (they need stamina for last stand, hp helps too) BM got for damage really ups the attack... Archers and sumo kegs got for damage.... aaand chemists got incredible upgrade... they become hell for a buildings and are tier 1 unit so you can make them fast and tear apart enemy buildings while you had taken care for his army... And how much useful are exactly the serpent's upgrades ???? I only use the ronin's one for stamina and sometimes the poison ones.... Which are the other great serp upgrades ??? Now tell me all of the SUPER POWERFUL serpent upgrades and all of the bad dragon ones...
  4. Why not Oja's journey... let's say 15 years before kenji's jerney... The rise and fall of serpent clan and the death of OJA it would be cool and yeah... we all know about the monkey and tiger clan and so on that got erased while terran used the orb.... I wonder what units would the tiger clan have
  5. IMO mass ID is not abuse... it can be countered easily with shock melee units... and I think that DC is abuse ... I mean lotus units are low on hp usually and they need such kind of bg but for a tier 1 unit it is tooooo much..... I thing it will be fair if DC was instead of the burning BG of warlocks.... It is a damn worth spell for a tier 3 unit...
  6. I voted Monks cuz they are damn powerful lol... I never new that a mounted monk kills wolf peasent with 4 blows... however idk how much yang did the ai have Truth be told they are equally useful... Ninjas are strategic units while monks are just fighters
  7. lol the epic fail belongs to you dude.... if you really believe that a sledger can defeat ronin or samurai... even with shale he has no chance and even zerks despite their weakness to blunt I think zerk > sledger also
  8. WRONG ... you just put it to look this way.... we all know that every unit has a weak spot.... let me adjust it a lil bit.. swordsman>dragon warrior true but DW > canoner > raider > bandit > crossbowaman > musketeer cannonneer>kabukiwarrior true but kabuki > ronin > musk swordman> powder keg cannonneer true but p keg cannoner > ronin with mass pierce kegs > ALL musketeer = powder keg cannonneer false... P keg cannoner is AOE dmg and has much more hp but lower cutting resistance swordsman> chemist true but chemist if protected can kill fast ronins and besides chemist > musk cannonneer> chemist so ? cannoner is tier 2 and chemist tier 1 im not sure but i think bandit> kabukiwarrior probably bandit>dragon warrior if DW has upgrades bandit has no chance . spearman>swordsman but is slower and has much less attack vs buildings for example. I think swords > spearmen archer= musketeer but musketeer has better bgs and MUCH MORE ARMOR!!!! true but archers fire much faster so mass archers > mass musks sledger> dragon warrior bullshit DW >>>>> sledger !!! sledger= kabukiwarrior but kabukiwarrior has MUCH LESS ARMOR and no siege ability, also a weakness against magic. So ? Sledger is also weak on magic and without upgrade weak on exp too pitch slinger>powder keg cannonneer, he can also light buildings on fire. and has MUCH BETTER armor, for instance against cutting. no arugment here hehe ballistaman> archer look archer vs musk above it is the same thing.. I think 20 archers > 20 balistas not sure tough warlock> powder keg cannonneer,archer,chemist,kabukiwarrior, and in groups: dragon warrior and samurai too if ur even A BIT CLEVER. 37 cannons with smokes. how about 40 warlocks with soul chill? they pwn anyones ass in no time ----- WEll how about 40 sumo kegs with shrapnels do you still think sc is better ? first 20 sumo fire from a distance into the crowd 20 shrapnells then the rest 20 run behind and fire in the rest of the crowd .... result no warlocks standing or perphaps few left a side which will be destroyed by the fat asses remember all dragon units have hell of a powerful UPGRADES all of them !!! So they are the clan that makes the best usage of upgrades... samurai is weaker than berserk and I think against ronin too but with his 3 upgrades he pwn all other units .... the same 3 upgrades work fine for DW and kabuki .... geisha has awesome upgrades so do the guardians and b maidens and whatever you think of.... Serpent has few good upgrades however they have much better bg-s
  9. Well the question is who is better should we persume that it asks who will win 1v1 ??? I mean who cares BR is about war not about dueling.... I understand this question as who is more useful on the battle field ? And the answer comes shortly -> OTOMO.. He can increase allies damage and recover their stamina which is damn deadly combined with yang-bladed samurais ....... Do you know that with 10 yang points under the WT effect of battle maiden with otomo's cry and with yang blade a samurai can kill serpent peasent in 2 BLOWS ??? I think swordsmen remains on few red hp from those two blows.... It is a devastating damage lol.... recovering stamina is great for many other units also... Fighting with otomo near chi shilded dragon warriors will buy them time to be healed and so on and so forth... Shinja's lower damage is good but c'mon let's not put them into contest - it is redicilous... Piece
  10. What kind of a seppuku- nicked guy will like fat sumo asses before the SAMURAI ???
  11. Well I am afraid that you are correct... However not entirely... It depends on the skill of the players and on the chance! If a lotus player has a good macro you are kinda fucked up with a dragon... But draogn clan has some deadly BG combos which are not to be underestimated... Kabuki and spearmen make a devastating team combined with sumo kegs... You rush in throwing flash powder weakning the enemy then whirl in the mids of battle and throwing some pierce kegs with the cannoners... you cann kill a whole army in almost an instant not counting the monument.... Yet again dragon is very hard to play agaisnt lotus.... even hit burn and run with dragon warriors doesnt work when the enemy has Koril... About spearmen > blade acolyte -> I havent tested them 1v1 but I think blade acolyte > swordsmen and swordsmen is > spearmen so blade > spearmen... If you mean for the spearmen to use whirl... maybe you must think what buildings you need to do so and what will have when the lotus player rushes with acolytes...
  12. Actually Slave Driver isn't bad at all !!! You just need to know when and how to use it... Listen to this... Imagine that you play on low rice grow rate... now you make few raiders with brush fire and you pack horses with peasents for rice, you give all your resources for an army meanwhile your opponent is going to make the same except that you will brush fire his crops now you can use slave driver 1 or two times to leave your peasents on yellow so they can run YOU WILL NOT INJURE THE PEASENT'S HORSES !!! this means super fast working peasents with horses, so you will collect and WATER the rice in a matter of seconds. You can constantly pay for raiders to harass the opponent until he can take it no more.... This is the most subtle way to defeat an opponent using the serpent clan IMO Slave driver = economic victory
  13. Petar


    I see that ppl prefer to vote for "Only when I have all other heroes" and that troubles me... I never use Garrin even if I have all zen masters .. I prefer to use the yang points to boost my zen masters rather than wasting them.... Or I use them for upgrades so if I have ALL the upgrades and ALL the zen masters and 10 yang I may summon Garrin, but never erlier lol
  14. hahaha from those 3 only the warlock could loose to a sledger with shale... Ronin with reinforced plate and blood bond can kill about 4 sledgers attacking at the same time hah
  15. hmmm I have tested them on the old BR and the serpent peas won but he was on like empty bar of hp... well maybe on WOTW it is changed... I dont think it really matters tough... About the lightning I believe it is magic cuz it damages kabuki so bad.... and they are strong on exp... yet again I am not that sure... but the cool thing about that lightning is that it is actually a splash damage I dont think flash powder stuns you.... I mean it works for AI but a player can move right away... yu cannot escape the weakness effect tough
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