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  1. No need to worry fixed problem, simplier than i thought. I was simply missing d3dim700.dll in the direct x. downloaded it, extracted to my windows/system, game works perfectly. Thanks for the support
  2. hmm..... the battle pack didnt work, says file is already there so im guessing the patch is up to date. still cant seem to get it working :S
  3. I removed it from my system and reinstalled in and am still getting the same message, any other ideas? FYI.... i purchased the game from File planet Direct to drive if this makes a difference
  4. I have all the requirements to play the game, but when i start it a messeage pops up statin- cannot find supported display mode. Im wondering if its my video car, I have an AGP Geforce MX440 64 MB card. When i first installed the game there was a PCI card in my computer, but i relized BR needed and AGP so i put that in and installed the drivers. Still cant get it working on either card, plz help
  5. When i start the game it says, cannot find supported display mode, i have an AGO geforce4 MX 440 card with dirext x 9, cannot seem to figure out what is going wrong.
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