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  1. hi dragon-slayer where are u long time no see come on lets see you and good luck hope u see my message and answer me -,-

  2. dragon_slayer

    Drunk Br

    they rather have fun then care about health hehe
  3. dragon_slayer

    Slap,kiss Or Hug What Wud U Do?

    double slap to RU
  4. dragon_slayer

    Br Tournament 2008

    fadel win 1rst place next torney
  5. dragon_slayer

    Strongest Lv 3 Unit

    hmm berserkers hve weakness
  6. dragon_slayer

    Who Is Ugly?

    thanks you
  7. dragon_slayer

    Who Is Ugly?

    guess what i started to like my pic looking at morror and laughing is fun hehe
  8. dragon_slayer

    Who Is Ugly?

    ah come on i sended picture dont wanna post real one idiot.get a life and not mexican macho man hahahahaha
  9. dragon_slayer

    Slap,kiss Or Hug What Wud U Do?

  10. dragon_slayer

    Noob Quiter Darkarmy

    please stop this useless spam topics
  11. dragon_slayer

    Rating Of The Best 10 Players

    ben smurfs alote ?
  12. omg u accualy beat some one 3 stars on de win

  13. dragon_slayer

    [lord] Clan Victory Screenshot

    why kill poor gezus wow what he do to you and smurf killing him too................
  14. dragon_slayer

    Slap,kiss Or Hug What Wud U Do?

    slap de ho hehe
  15. dragon_slayer

    What's Your Real Name?

    my name is mike