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  1. Thanks for the answers. oh and one more question about necromancer, i see that necromancer have 2 abilities like raise dead and summon spirit warrior, but his raise dead ability is like passive ability. For example, can i set samurai had the passive ability like raise dead??
  2. Umm, hi, i have some questions. 1. How to change wolves in wolves den to spirit wolf or white wolf? is it possible? and 2. In necro throne, can we make so that when Ronin is docked, the limit of Necromancer is more than 1? Thanks.
  3. Ah i see, now it won't crash again, Thank You. I'm using X1.0 by the way.
  4. Sorry, can you re-upload this file? or how to mod this one? because i already tried once in Data_building for ex. dragon clan stable, unitIn peasant, unitOut trainedhorse, but it always crashing whenever i tried to train my peasant in stable.
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