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  1. First: please explain to me what "dc" means. I have different Taktiks with each Clan, and all of them would defeat a warlock army^^ Dragon: Archers + Towers with Geishas Serpent: just Ronin lol^^ Wolf: Berserkers (+ Druids) + Stone Armor (probably the best against Lotus at all) Lotus: i don't know how they're called, throwing mud on enemies, with the skill to become Warlock It's possible to win with every units against every other units - if you know how to play right. Ok, probably you could get problems when you have build only units which are weak to the units of your opponent but this is not a reason to let him win, he just has an advantage - if you are a good player you should win as well.
  2. Very big thanks! It was really hard to make a big Map with nearly the same building place for everyone without seeing the whole map... Setting can be found here: Edit - Program Options - Far Clip Plane
  3. I have seen the screens of the maps here, you can see the whole ap in the World Editor by zooming out - when i try this my World Editor cuts it and i cant see the whole map, it's looking like this: Also i cant zoom far enough to see the whole map - even if the World Master wouldn't cut the upper half...
  4. Last time i was in Gamespy is...probably 2 years ago^^ But there were'nt much players...just about 10 or so and nobody can host -.-
  5. I played it for a long time with Hamachi because in Gamespy are no players... We could set up a new Hamachi Network for active Battle Realms players...
  6. I just found this Forum today and think its great that there still is - also if its a small - Battle Realms community! I play the game since 2003 or so, when it was in a magazine. It's really great and has a very good gameplay because its easily to get used to it but has also very many different tactics and possibilities - really good game. I still like it and play it sometimes. After 5 years i know how to use the Editor with all it's possibilities - and made really good maps i think. The reason why i found the forum just know is, that i never searched for one, only now because i wanted to write a e-mail to ubisoft or liquid entertainmend to give the game for free download and make it so more public - and produce Battle Realms 2. Now I've read that there is a plan to make a second game and just the money is missing: great. If they would give Battle Realms for freedownload i am sure that there would be interest in a second part - and someone who gives the money... What i want to say: Here i am and i hope that Battle Realms 2 will come - till this happens we can play the best strategic game until BR2^^ Kaldra P.S.: Sorry for my english - it's not the best^^ - I'm from Germany.
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