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  1. I do hope you can make something out of this other than showing a screen shot of the dissasembler program you are using. BTW why are you hiding the name of the disassembler you are using? It's a commercial program, I don't see the reason to hide it's name. I don't want to sound like an ass but I hope you are not just getting the hopes up of the people in this forum. I've tried hacking BR myself using various hex editing progs like Ultra Edit and *cough*IDA Pro*cough*. But I quit since most of the fetures of the game are too hardcoded for me and I'm not too keen on editing. The most I did on this game was to extract certain models to be used on warcraft and I failed miserably since I can't get the animations working properly. But seriously I hope you can get some better results than me. I'm looking forward to what you can make out of this Same problem I had.
  2. DDD

    Worst Hero Ever

    Otomo fights well against lotus and wolf. As long as you don't match him against a pitch slinger and lotus horse mounted units he's a tough Zen master in my opinion, he can do slightly better damage than Shinja.
  3. DDD

    Worst Hero Ever

    Why would you put Vetkin and Longtooth is in that list? Taro is a better candidate than Vetkin and I would never trade Longtooth for the Shalelord. Ah well, to each his own.
  4. If thre will be a new patch, what do you guys want to see and fixed in the game? Here's something I would like to see if a new patch becomes available(realistic of course). -Kenji useable in skirmish -Witch attack has splash damage(animation shows explosion but it really doesn't works that way) -witch Demon amulet does not disappear when used up -quicker peasant generation when army has grown large(just a little bit) -multi group units(allows the unit to be assigned in a new group without losing previous grouping assignment, also add a new command to nullify grouping) -units does not lose guard assignment(when unit is hit by Druidess tangle and or get blinded they lose their assigned commands such as guarding) That's all I can think off this moment. Probably add a few more when I remember some new ones.
  5. The Druidess are useful in my opinion. They can stop tough units, specially Zen Masters.
  6. Doesn't happen in the Serpent path. This will occur in the Dragons path after the first Serpent holm and after Kenji meets the Dragon at the spire. After the Dragon Spire mission Kenji and Budoh will be talking about Kenji's meeting with the Dragon, when they see Otomo hanging on a cross on top of a hill. They will bury Otomo and notice that several Lotus units are close to Serpentholm, they will realize that Shinja has betrayed them.
  7. I'm playing Dragon route in Kenji's journey again, forgot how easy it is compared to the Serpent route. Anyway got Gaihla on mission 8 and I'm trying to figure out how to use her effectively. She's really useless in the Dragon clan seriously, other than growing rice faster. I noticed her healing has very limited range and that it only add 50% of energy on healed units... Goddamn she sucks. Though she is a little useful when I played the Wolf campaign. The Wolf units are really tough, so that little healing she provides is a great help to an already tough clan. I just keep her away during fights and send her running when two or more units has yellow health. She really belongs to the Wolf clan.
  8. Yup she sucks compared to other zen masters and regular healers but she's all the Wolf clan got when it comes to healing so meh... If only she can exchange all those numerous and crappy innate she has for a healing ability like the geisha's she wouldn't be so bad.
  9. There's a way to get Shinja and the Necromancer appear early onthe 2nd Serpentholm stage. To do this: -use one of your regular unit to rush the western dragon camp(I use the available ronin) -when that unit reaches that area passing the ricefield to the buildings it should trigger the event of Shinja arriving withe the necromancer. >
  10. Utara - Best to put as head of the army; excels in close range battles Arah - Best in the back of the army; excels in range battles Gaihla - Support unit; can hold her own but is best aiding others Yvaine - Does not excel in range and close battle but great secondary attack unit These four chicks should stop fighting and start an army of their own.
  11. Rainstorm + lightning I vote Zymeth in an army; but if these 4 duke it out, hands down Grayback will rape them.
  12. I vote Wolf. Lotus gives me a headache once they mass Warlocks.
  13. You got 98MB of RAM on Windows XP? Then it is possible that your computer really has 128 or 256 MB of RAM. Your computer could be using the on-board graphics card for display since it is almost impossible to purchase a RAM with that size, that could only be possible by combining a 64 and a 32 MB RAM and adding those only gets you 96MB. 30MB of your RAM could be allocated to your graphics card if you really got 128MB of physical ram. I have played BR efficiently on my old pc with only 128MB or RAM, 32 MB video, and Windows 98. It is best to purchase a large ram for your PC and puchase a graphics card that are atleast in lined with GeForce4 to play PC games decently this days.
  14. I think Issyl has the best BG among the Zen Masters. -Issyl can do haste twice in a row, because it only cause half of his entire stamine(effect does not stack up though). -Faster units hit more times in a short period of time -Can speed up peasant production(resource gathering and building). -Even Vetkin can't outrun a hastened unit Though I prefer Utara, Issyl is no doubt one of the baddest Zen Master in the game. From the current resut of the votes, it seems that there is very little objection on Issyl's power. Not on topic but, if we're going to choose the best battle gear in the entire game I think the Necromancer's "summon spirit warrior" is the best.
  15. Because if you lose you got nobody to blame but yourself. Unlike 2v2 you can always say your partner is a noob or just plain sucks(even if it is really your fault).
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