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  1. Hey, just wondering, I know it was a long time ago, but do you still have the "MoonShine Final Version" Map?

  2. PTwolf


    LOL , Respect plz xD
  3. PTwolf


    Im not crazy 0.o
  4. PTwolf

    Were Are You From?

    Portugal ^^
  5. PTwolf

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Good Idea... I have a Wii , i don't have internet yet and Super Smash Brawl its not out in Europe yet. When i have internet ill post again. Im saving money for the game.
  6. PTwolf


    Hello , well... while i was hosting , a guy named {{clan}}CocKtaiL joined my game and then started to insult me for no reason. Shouldn't there be more respect on Battle Realms ? By the way , what is a Knobhead?
  7. PTwolf

    Why A Lots Of People Hates 1v1?

    I agree , I only play 1v1 to test my skills and when there are less players and they block. It's too boring.
  8. PTwolf

    Do You Dare..

    I would if it was my house. Would you dare to mastu**** in front of your class room mates and teacher for some big holidays ?
  9. PTwolf

    Best Rts Games

    In my opinion Battle Realms is the best RTS ever , but i dont think Warcrafts were based on br idea , because Warcraft is much older than BR , only if you mean Warcraft 3 , but you said "warcrafts". My next favorite RTS is Warcraft 3
  10. Hi... http://www.youtube.com/user/PTwolf
  11. a Friend^^

  12. PTwolf

    What's Your Real Name?

    same here
  13. ...ho are you ?? :):)

  14. PTwolf

    The Bad Night

    Cus i left BR and came back again.