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  1. [L]IGHTNING ANANAS oh i lovit!

  2. a berserker will kill a warlock even if he ahs soulchill
  3. hello, if u want to play on Gamespy , dont start your battlerealms via gameranger. Just start the Battlerealms normal then go to Gamespy
  4. - u put the tower there where it can save your base best, if u puted in a wrong part u can still change it will defending ure base .U cant skip the tower so easy if the opnent is good , cause he will put towers everywhere he can get attacked from , so if u want to skip most of ure units will die fromm the towers and while u try to skip the towers the enemy can hold u with utara vet stun slam ..... even if u coem to his peas he only needs few smoke and u wont see anything anymore -U usally put a units with long range on tower so he will shoot u everytime when u attack his base. He could also put a geisha what will heal his units while fighting yours from distance - if u think its so easy to luring the mele units ure wrong , while u try to luring them with your range units his range units will attack u to .And if its not a stupid opnent he will stay near the tower and only attack with the melee when u come to near to his base. Even if u get his melle away fromm tower he jsut need to go back. -Towers can be used for attacking and defending. In fact if we say use tower for attack its the same like defending u jsut build a tower near the enemys base and all ure units around -Towers are deciding so much in this game, for example u re opnent have 15 blade units fromm lotus and u ahve only 3 or 4 , then 1 BG of the lotus tower will kill them all
  5. its up to the clan leader jsut ask the leader of the clan..
  6. sniper scope doesnt work against DC (darc canopy) maybe it was the bug where it looks like the dark canopy is activated, check it next time , all the units have the circle around even if the darkcanopy is not activated
  7. i like the wolf most and the lotus least cause they are idiots xD
  8. Dragon - Archer, Geisha Lotus - Healer Wolf - Balistaman Serpent - Canoneer
  9. yes the computer can build nearly twice as fast and train twice as fast as a normal player. But im not sure if they get rice and population double so fast to. did u try the super push while holidng shift?
  10. As most of u know , many ppl hate ID. When u are in the middle of a game and u use ID they are going to cry, that u ahve to ask first before u ID. So idk why so many ppl hate it , are they 2 weak with ID? if yes it would be better to train it instead of making ure own rules for a game. Anyway if a player wants to use ID he dont need to ask first, the one who needs to ask is the on who doesnt want ID. he will say `no ID pls` but i can still say `no its part of BR if u dont like it go play another game ` So what do u guys think about this ?
  11. damn one of my friends have the same problem when he wants to host in gameranger.. could anyone pls help?
  12. i will have 2 kabuki with BG i will ahve geishas on horses and the rest upgraded samurais with bg that should be enouogh (i could use arah and other heroes to) and i would attackw ith tower
  13. hmm ic an only say ure totally wrong but i will get it with the time... When ib egan playing this game i thougt mass warlocks is unbeatable to but now with mass warlocks u wont win anygame
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