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  1. On skype 24/7... "Kasedojt176" Any Br player can add me.

  2. i have seem the website you have provided. Do you guys actually work with liquid or is like a non profit organization supported by liquid to make this changes? anyways there are still lots of fans out there who loved BR. I'm glad we got some news after 8 years of waiting since Ed said there will be something along the way. At Least it bring hopes up and i can't wait for the new graphics design. just out of curiosity will the new graphics be on cry engine3 or something much higher than the graphics used back in 2001? i love the story line i hope you guys keep it the same and not go super tech with the story line...the least thing you want BR to become is a technological world. ( starcraft 2 etc..)
  3. god~times flies!

    merry x-mas and happy new year!!!!!^^

    it's been months or a year already!

  4. Hello Kas!! i've just downloaded granger :) luv yah :)))

  5. hey cutie, get on msn when u can <3

  6. yeah :D i was on holiday ^^

  7. omg...hi XD it's been a while D:

  8. Hello there Kasedo :3

  9. yo kas want to play some BR i got gameranger and wotw up and running

  10. hey where u been? get on msn once in a while since its hard to reach u over yahoo o.o

  11. old cobrakhan? o.O wow xD longgg time no see xD maybe we should agther up some day and go back to bR along with LOT clan =]

  12. it's a girl..-.- u guys play too much games no wonder u got problems telling a difference xD
  13. a little, bit I don't play the multiplayer mode

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