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  1. i'm Return again !!!

  2. DukeSonic

    Modding Battlereams.dat

    yes, this program can read machine code every files if you learn it you will have new idea
  3. i'm Return !!!! Ya Haaaaa !!!!

    1. Joe Rahm

      Joe Rahm

      what is password RAR BR WOW Patch 2.22

  4. of course !!! because Battle Realms is social good game
  5. DukeSonic

    Can We Make New Clan Cause I Want New Clan?

    i can make new mod but i can't make new clans because some machine code is very hard
  6. DukeSonic

    Hero Mod For Worlf

    we can make mod for you free
  7. DukeSonic

    Populaest Colour

    red only
  8. DukeSonic

    Battle Realms Xgnetwork

    Battle Realms XGNetwork This program use for in playing online pass VPN system for decrease a problem with blocker player or fails to see a room. this program can List IP all the location in the Local Area Network by use Bind IP Technology. change log _____________________________________________ 30/10/52 New Updated v0.57 beta 3 Patch - cancel Login system. - change interface new look good. - add help. - change messages in the game from "LAN" as "XGN". - etc. _____________________________________________ 22/10/52 v0.38 beta 2 - Fix bug for some client when joined room IP do not agree change. - change interface a little. - add Bind IP function for fix blocker player. - you can use database of Battle Realms Thailand forum for logined. - add submenu. - etc. Download English version v0.38 beta 2 http://www.beupload.com/download/?612634&A=747984 v0.57 beta 3 http://www.mediafire.com/?4nv1zjdini1 Requirement: Windows XP SP2,SP3 / Vista SP1, SP2 / 7 * if program doesn't work you must download .NET Framework 2.0 and install http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en How to setup v0.38 beta 2 1.open XG_Setup_EN.rar >> XG_Setup folder 2.open "xgnetwork_vpn_5.0c.exe" and install to main folder of Battle Realms only !! Example D:\PlusGame\Battle Realms\OpenVPN 3.open "XGNetwork.exe" and install to main folder of Battle Realms too !! Example D:\PlusGame\Battle Realms 4.after installed will show warning messagebox "Your computer will restart after click OK". you should close all programs and save all your work before click OK How to setup v0.57 beta 3 1.open BR_XGNetwork057.rar >> Setup057.exe 2.Install to main folder of Battle Realms only Example D:\PlusGame\Battle Realms ** Note ** - if you ever setup v0.38 beta2 you can cross to install v0.57 beta3 - but if you never install this program you must setup v0.38 beta 2 to v0.57 beta 3 respectively How to use 1.Open Battle Realms XGNetwork from Dekstop 2.wait a few minutes the system will connect to XGNetwork 3.will appear a room observe IP change to be 10.10.10.x that you can play on Local Area Network 4.click Start Game if you want to play (should play XGN mode or Direct IP mode only) by SIAMBR Soft Thailand http://siambronline.forumotion.net
  9. Garena is LAN program most popular players beacuse systematically that great such as decrease the symptoms d-lay between play games , protect game cheating, Level system and more too === Games list in Garena (support passed) === - Left 4 Dead - WarCraft 3 RPG - WarCraft 3 TFT - Red Alert 3 - Call of Duty 5 - Call of Duty 4 - Call of Duty 2 - H.A.W.X - Counter Srike 1.6 - Counter Srike Source - AOE II The Conquerors - AOE I The Rise of Rome - Starcraft - Team Fortress 2 - BattleField 2 - BackShot Everyone please supports this is good chance for some block player forward port not pass click to support : http://www.garena.com/forum/viewthread.php...;extra=page%3D1 Download : www.garena.com
  10. DukeSonic

    Best Rts Games

    Battle Realms, Red Alert 3, World of Warcraft , Diablo III, The Lord of the Ring War of the Ring
  11. DukeSonic

    Br Mod

    Edit game it be illegal software ??? i want to know Please tell me if you know GUI Mod will finish New Year behind because My project is Very Big
  12. Happy new my friend!!!do you already create your new years resolution???Use firecrackers carefully!!!!

  13. Happy New Year 2009

  14. DukeSonic

    Cost Codes Help!

    Hey there Guys!!!! Edit game it be illegal software ??? i want to know Please tell me now i making Battle Realms WOTW Mod Manager GUI and will come out to New Year for BETA Version
  15. Happy New Year 2009