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  1. Happy Birthday ^.^

  2. Shale lord , yeah he'd get them. That's pretty good the jumping dodge thing.
  3. Ill shove my foot up yo ass.
  4. Yeah like all lotus units, They're wuite monotonous and amusing. heh.
  5. I love the way she says "Idiot!" all the time. LOL.
  6. Do you guys always use Demon's amulet with your witches? Or perhaps you prefer the Vampiric Gaze? What's your opinion?
  7. Yeah I wish I could multitask. I'm jealous : P
  8. Ok cool thanks. Great Ideas. I love Last Will/Stand what ever it is.
  9. My name is Matthew Richardson. Best name.
  10. This is a great topic. Awesome stuff.
  11. Apart from their annoying voices, I find both their Battle gears extremely useful, and Last stand is incredibly awesome, and lasts a while too! However, I have trouble incorporating them into my army. How many should I use in a 40 pop skirmish?
  12. Yes!I like Kazaan as well. A great fire expert, and his fire can overkill. Woo!
  13. Heh, good one. I like he's accent too, but I usually keep him in chains at my base : P
  14. His combat skills are lackluster, and the wolves are pretty weak as well,.It's frustrating having to resummon them all the time. What are your thoughts.
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