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  1. THank you so much for the answer.I have tried that before but i added those lines in the shortcut's commandline and it did not work (I didn't think the game has an ini so i could have changed there) So i didn't check . Thanks man you rock !
  2. It's going to be awwesomeee
  3. So is it possible through software or just game files to edit and change the resolution to something like 1280-1024 ? Please ?
  4. I love Lotus .I see that The dragon clan is winning heh i love that clan too.The units ,the way they fight the heroes everything.But Lotus is dominating the lands.
  5. O MY GOD < I"M READING THE DAMN POST and i get annoyed when i see people like you.STOP being a smart ass and stop capsing you damn kiddie.You're the best player ?OR you're the most retarded here ?Gosh ,some people were not suppose to born.
  6. I don't think so .;)

  7. Caps off . Grow up . Get a life . GTFO . Stop trolling. Stop playing Battle Realms (if you read on back of the case you'll notice that it says " NOt for mentally disturbed people"
  8. Lol i am the best romanian player ever

  9. ...hey :)...nice to see you here....

  10. ...hey :)...nice to see you here....

  11. That is very nice .That's why many people leave the forums because there are people like you on them ,rude . THANKS GUYS for the warm welcome .
  12. Hey ,i am new to the forums ,i play battle realms for quite a long time ,used to play and now i've reinstalled the game.I started to play with Lotus hard ,i like them and i like Zymeth because he has control over the weather (I love rainy/cloudy/foggy weather in reality). My in-game name is MasacruAlex.I Hope we'll play.
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