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  1. It would be better if you could chose which mission you wanted to do, in case you wanted to replay, instead of having stacks of save files.
  2. What does that word in your pic mean?
  3. of course a spearman will win. after all, he does have the weapon triangle advantage
  4. The shale Lord, just for the lolz
  5. i chose critical strike, because it's pretty much favourite. and yeah, that's about it
  6. koril easily hes even faster than vetkin a snap of the finger, and hes on the other side of the map
  7. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh double post!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lol just a note about the 1st page, ciao is italian and not french, and yes it does mean hello(i think, i do french, and not italian)
  9. lol i wish i was that popular sometimes :'( but having said that im never online cause i never get time :'(
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