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  1. Its funny how u get so happy when u win 1 game against me lol... & all those others games u lost? i guess im 2 noob... LMFAO at this...
  2. Firstly callin me nigga? Why u needa go racial? now i kno how low u are... Secondly i dont ever recall saying your name in ma post, its a generalized statement it wasnt directly pointed to you... Thirdly learn your english before you talk to me... & if you wanna 1vs1 come GR lets play, and ill record it for everyone 2 see who sucks between us 2... ok have a good day u drunk ass whiteboy...
  3. The modern BR players you find playing on GR are all afraid to 1vs1... Some days i just log on to play 1vs1 but i dont find any willing players... The only people who never say no to 1vs1 me is cp & sora... Other players are too team co-ordinated, sure there very good players in team games but when it comes to 1vs1 they suck because they dont know any effective strats... 1vs1 games u have no1 to rely on but yourself, so its a true test of your skills... Thats why to me BR is getting boring because its become such a team associated game... I always log in and host a 1vs1 game and invite every1 on my list to play but most of tha time im left with an empty room... Only reason i can think of is that there scared... SO i conclude this with saying dont take BR so seriously, its just a game so go out there and have fun...
  4. coz ma pic was taken at night, n i dnt think its 2 bad... only tha background u cant c much... so where ur pic at mr donald duck?
  5. He prob only played it once or twice so he dnt realli got a clue...
  6. Wassup Ladies n Gentlemen... Thought we needed a new thread for players pics... Dont b shy ppl, post up some pics... Let tha BR world c ur sexyness or mayb uglyness... Its all gud in tha hood if u ugly lmao im playin... Anyway herez mine, dnt b starin 4 2 long ma diamonds gon make u blind lmao...
  7. Ok so im in a game rdy 2 whoop sum ass n i select lotus to play... Why do people say " No Lotus? " Lotus is a clan just like any other... You either scared or just cant handle the unknown ... Same goes with ID... ID is apart of the game, dont get angry if players ID ur rice or kill your whole army because yo ass aint paying attention... If u dnt like what the game provides go play somethin else like minesweeper on windows computers... I dont have time for bitch ass sooks who quit during a game... Thankyou!
  8. That wud b gud daye... I wud still like 2 organize a 1on1 tourney n c how every1 does... 2vs2 n 3vs3 is a possibility but there doesnt seem 2 b many players interested... and 1on1's dont take 2 long... lets 1on1 and ill show u a 2min game...
  9. yea because of tight filo parents... gurlz r scared 2 do shit lol...
  10. ha nice... emo gurlz kinda weird tho... i rekon brown haired chicks are hotter than blonde haired chicks tho... blonde haired chicks look 2 slutty...
  11. lol tru dat daye... but tha filo gurlz here in australia r different... they kno how 2 get freaky lol... simple, just dnt post here then ya ugly kunt... thankyou... It means what typa girls do you like? Say i like your mum? So ill post here i like Muteki's mum understood? good boy...
  12. wattup ppl... itz ur boy alvz... from ma many yrz of bein a member on these forums ive never seen a topic about gurlz?! I mean i like tha ladies, ma bad i love tha ladies true =] i dno bout u guyz tho lmao... So this is a place where you can talk bout wat typa gurlz u like and well gurlz in general... iight well me " The Prince " i got standards feel me? lol I like tha hot white chicks wit tha tight ass's. The ones that like 2 get down and durrty YEEYUH !!! Me im an ass typa guy. If a chick dnt got an ass then ima say laytaz bitch! I wanna do yo mama in ma bed too, mayb yo mama and ur sista at tha same time *wink* Oh and then sumtyms i crave for tha hot filipino gurlz wit tha tight ass's dayumm... iight so now its ur turn, enlighten me... Tell me wat typa chicks make u pop at night?! Peace, love and SEX !! -Alvz-
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