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  1. hey man wer are u now..u are not playing anymore...

  2. me too hahaha.... hello. can you hlp me download battle realms wotw here for free!!!..

  3. but i know u r the 1 of the best player in BR..im the one of ur fan...

  4. fight ben and u will know hu are he...

  5. hey Ru can u ubloc me?

  6. baxter did played,! and i saw how he played i think he played even better than cp,!
  7. ty for riminding me i know i won't finish it until i will go but let's see what i can do don't forget this my point of view and i saied i doing it for somone ,LoL that wasn't my idea !
  8. baxter (god mode like) Sora(god mode like) cptheslayer (god mode like) yami(god mode like) ben (advanced pro) mimimimi(advanced pro) Dunking(advanced pro) necromant(advanced pro) Lump (pro) CoolGuy(pro) Light(pro) Cocktail(pro) Med(pro) default(pro) balo (pro) eclipse(pro) Gezus(pro) terry(pro) Amoras(pro) kabuki(pro) Rin(pro) Ru(pro) fadel(lol)but...(pro) 180(pro) mak(pro) G4m3SpY (pro) GoldenFlame(pro) Gargamel(pro) Van(pro) Team members(advanced noobs) ..... HALL OF FAME: epox BloodyMary dragonslayer LamethDragon gryphone SoildSnacke Fresco hobbit players order doesn't influnce on skills (doing a favor for somone)....if i forgot someone reminde me ,if you want !,(my point of view from years i played BR ...) There are many other players who are not in a list couz they play seldom that's why i didn't wrote them and !
  9. why it's in BR fourm ??! i counfused and lol a dude who love barbie that goes bad it's not funny it's sad ......
  10. new year ??! happy Old Year if you want ;D

  11. happy new year...

  12. .... si we back to Diecet IP and hamachi games....
  13. yes, that what i sayed EVERY NOOB can kill me whith them !
  14. I hate lutos caln every single idiot can kill me with lutos and i don't like how they look they look's like those fucking emo's they eat them self., and somehow in BR they have advantage over other clans that is very annoying and the tower of lutos is too strong against 1st unit's and there BG and hereo's wtf i hate this clan .. (my reasons why i hate lutos caln and don't play it )
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