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  1. I prefer the First Kenji which looks like a peasant. The way he attacks is fun to watch.
  2. Powder Keg Cannoneer Balistaman Unclean One
  3. Koril would survived, no doubt.
  4. Yeah, I still play this time around.
  5. You need to kill accordingly. First, kill Koril and his army which located at the north east of the map. After you done wiping out his remaining base, quickly attack Issyl's base that located at the north west the map. I dunno why, but that's the´╗┐ way I open the gate. There's one time I do it in other way, and the gate didn't open up. Maybe Koril's escaped?
  6. Lotus will own them!
  7. Serpent's Kenji's Journey I hope this one helps you.
  8. I just lose lately to my cousin when we just played BR. And he always use Wolf Clan and his army are always Shale Armored Berserkers which are really hard to die and additional Druid for stunning. How can I counter it using the Lotus Clan. Anyone can help me?
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