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    For all Like The Darkness and want a Little Peace in The Darks!!!<br />Join my Friendster at [email protected]<br />I Will be Waiting for You...
  1. I still Choose Serpent as my Favourite Clan Thanks
  2. I just ask if any Server with new Design and many Featured so we can Play the Old BR but with New Server,last time I saw any person invite me to Use Game Ranger but it can't work so may be if any Server again please tell me Keep the Spirit Dude.....
  3. Why U hate Wildeye??? Cause I never hate any Hero on the BR but actually WIldeye is not a Fighter cause He only Support Master for another Soldier and Wildeye is the Leader of Pack Master so I just like his Wisdom hehehe Keep Ur Spirit
  4. Monk and Ninja is great but how You can make that so usefull and deathfull too again enemy!!!!! You know if Monk is Icon of China and Ninja is Icon of Japan emm maybe this like war on China and Japan but all great opportunities!!!!! Monk and Ninja is great but how You can make that so usefull and deathfull too again enemy!!!!! You know if Monk is Icon of China and Ninja is Icon of Japan emm maybe this like war on China and Japan but all great opportunities!!!!!
  5. Hi2 in there,make something new in this Forum???

    Hmm so Quiet on Online BR he3x but just make a Fun ^_^

  6. Luciever


    emm so quiet.....
  7. I have Try it cause I just play that with my Friend in Online and I Duel them Samurai vs Ronin with no Battle Gear and You know I surprise it cause they Draw if U do not give them a Battle Gear and both of them is same Stronger and I tried that 10 Times until I boring cause the Result is same,why same cause always DRAW LoL!!!!! oh Yeah But U must tell with Ur friend when U attack cause U must same at once time with Ur Friend for Duel Battle and U will have the DRAW result!!! Thanks he3x
  8. The True is Vetkin cause them from the same Country and Them must be the Greatest Couple LoL Just Kidding... Thanks he3x...
  9. All of Journey is Great and Whatever about easy or not on finished that Journey but I Like the Story so much!!! Great Story of all Journey Thanks he3x
  10. I Like both of Them cause they have Special Skill with Monks or Ninjas cause they are Special Army he3x
  11. Same to me cause I choose the Ninja than Monk but Ninja in Battle Realm no have Leader but if Monk have Leader and the name's Tao, Usually Tao is the Both of Monk and Ninja but I saw Tao is more Like the Monk cause he is bald too he3x but have Long hair like Dragon Warrior LoL I Like all but now I Choose Ninja cause I Like them!!! Thanks for this Topic..... *ASUKA*NINJA*
  12. emm I think that Error cause some missing program or something problem on Your PC cause cannot read that Program!!! Oh may be U must istall it again but first if U have any Saved Games on Battle Realm U must save it first and make new Folder and add that saved games to that folder or just copy the Saved Games folder on Your System Device and in Program Files and if U know that I'm glad and Install the Battle Realm again or Buy new Br or U can Download the BR in this forum Okay,U can talk to Speedy or to Lord Zymeth if U want to Download Okay Sorry cause I can't help U to much he3x
  13. Luciever


    Beautyfull Geisha in there!!! I Like the First picture about Geisha but I have many heard and read the book too about the Geisha and many Story I've read too,many Geisha is a Man and not Woman but any Geisha is a real Woman too but in the Story Kabuki like the Geisha and Kabuki more like Geisha if that Geisha is a Man and that's true cause Kabuki have Soul Power of Magic and that's magic need some condition if Kabuki must Making Love (Sorry for this bad Word) with Man too cause that can make Kabuki more Stong and have more Power too when he Fight cause that Kabuki like Geisha so much and that's not a lie cause I read the book and many book I've read,but I like Geisha in Woman person cause so Beautyfull he3x!!! Oh yeah in Indonesia have Warrior Same with the Kabuki and the Name is Warok Bajang,why I tell to You if Warok like Kabuki cause he like Intimate with man too and get the Strongest Power for that condition too and his face is on painted like a mask and same Scary too on his face and he like a Toak (Toak mean is like Sake in Japan but in Indonesia have Traditional Drink and the Name is a Toak for Drunking someone he3x). Hmm I have the Picture and sorry if this Picture so bad and sorry too cause I give this Picture on Your Topic Miss Sinophile and Thanks to You!!! and This for Kabuki picture!!! Thanks and Have a Nice Day!!! Oh yeah if U have 3D picture of all Character,Army,or all Heroes please add them cause I very like it and I want that picture so please make a Topic about that and give the picture about that Okay Thanks he3x Great Dstiny is The Great Future and have more Senses about this Life and Forever until the Death will Come Luciever The Lords of Darkness Megilliandi Luciever
  14. Hello All Nice too meet Ya Hmm Do U like Dragon's Shrine or Necromacer's Throne Building just answer thanks he3x The Last and The Begun Ehem Just Vote but not give a comment but that's Okay No Problem cause U already Vote and Thanks for Ur Vote Okay he3x Thanks
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