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  1. ok scratch that, i got the patch to work, but can not upload wotw, i download it and then after that i cant figure where to install/open/whatever the heck im supposed to do with it help on that?
  2. ok ive downloaded the 1.5q patch and a wotw copy and from there im lost as to how to get it to BR, once i open it it goes to winzip and from there everything ive tried has failed, is there a place where i can look to help or someone who can give a little walkthrough as to what im supposed to do thanks EDIT: figured it out nvm
  3. i would love to download it, where would i find it to download?
  4. well serpent isnt usually that deadly when its the computer playing, against another person yes stopping would be useful
  5. warlock beats all if the units cant get to it, so i went with that, but berserker is best otherwise i think
  6. duelking

    Stun Or Heal?

    more for druids, those entangle both annoy and help immensly, plus they are better in greater numbers and dont hinder battles like mass amounts of healers do
  7. ok im lost, what are reapers even?
  8. when the towers are destroyed and the units teleport to the ground with no health harm serpents towers do nothing for me, i just dont do a thing when they use their ability and let it wear off by itself
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