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  1. Team_fadel

    Land of Many

  2. last fight gg!! i miss you lol!!1

  3. hey fadel.. hows it goin brah?

  4. Team_fadel

    Do U Guys Still Play?

    i am still
  5. {{cp}}fadel:Old Day on br

  6. hey Trix try add me msn my msn evil-kiler@hotmail.com i want tell u useful thing to play together and thanks

  7. hey Trix try get msn and add me my msn evil-kiler@hotmail.com i want tell you very useful thing

  8. Hey fadel i got my br back on comp. We can play sometime soon.

  9. hey Ru can u ubloc me?

  10. hey golden my friend long time no see i wanna said to u news players still play all players maybe they play in GameRanger Download it.

  11. hi yami long time no see

  12. hi dragon-slayer where are u long time no see come on lets see you and good luck hope u see my message and answer me -,-

  13. yami hi where aree u