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  1. how can i increase that memory slot? yes, i mean eg otomo 4x or shinja 4x etc. how can i do this? thanks
  2. i want to have more ninjas/monks in my keep. the normal limit is base 4 max 6. i found this stats in "Data_Clans.BaseMaxMonkNinja" and "Data_Clans.PotentialMaxMonkNinja". if i change them for all clans it doesnt work in the game. the old limit base 4 max 6 is still in the game. does someone know, how i can increase this limit? my second question is, what does "Data_Clans.MinTimeToCreateMonkNinja" and "Data_Clans.MaxTimeToCreateMonkNinja" mean? i get them in the keep without creation time. are these stats just for kenjis journey? is it possible to increase the limits of the heroes too? thanks for the help!
  3. someone know how to find the charsets of the zen masters?
  4. zimi

    + Happy Birthday! :D

  5. zimi

    hiho :D luv your pics :D

  6. i played the serpent and dragon campaign, but kenji dont had a drunk talk.
  7. you forgot tao in the list, he is fast too.
  8. i think the nightvol works when you write him a rice- water- and yin/yangcost. because in the .dat he dont cost anything.
  9. i think samurais, with their harakiri are they really hard and they make good dmg too.
  10. i play br but not 24h on day ;D
  11. Zack

    haha hi dude!!

    em... sry bout earlier i was in the middle of a game xP

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