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  1. I request players to please reply according to the post. Please dont go off topic. 1 more thing i only asked to rank the above 10 players,please dont give your individual choices.
  2. hi guys please rate the following players from 1 to 1o the players are 1.cp 2.ben 3.Amaros 4.default 5.mimimi 6.baxter 7.dunking 8.light 9.nero 10.fadel
  3. people should think before they write anything.collguy seriously you need to grow up
  4. I knew all the above facts which u said. and i vote for 3rd option in the 2nd poll bcs now a days girls are soo not hot so its better to be with boys lol
  5. sorry for using this thread. i coud not help it. Light was dragon me lotus, she rushed in start but her rushed failed, and wen i told her she is noob she got angry, and made kabuki and archers. i just made DC and sc and killed her instantly i told her i will post this screenshot

    Enough Of Fire

    Please Dont Go light. i know there are such ppl who cause such irrelevent things, just dont care for them. u are right masterdennis is smurf of one of the top memebers of te forum thats why hes not yet been kicked. i would suggest that u dont leave. many ppl will be offended by this. and for u masterdennis please GET A LIFE. STOP TEASING OTHERS.

    Whos Takative?

    huh!!! CP n light both are talkative..... i wonder who will win.....
  8. hello darkness time ago dont see u in br come on

  9. i find vampiric gaze quite useful than amulet bcs it heals you n ur allies pretty fast.which i find very useful
  10. hmm well my name is SAMARTH KASHYAP well its a tough indian name so ppl just call me SAM
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