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  1. most of the things which u said here are tricks not cheats.. some of them are bugs i agree.. but i l tell u the disadvatage of these 1.demon horse can be used as a pack horse by peas so it will actually give an adavatge to the other player. 2.More ninja trcik for lotus n serpent which u told is Not that much of an advantage and is a waste,as wen u get an extra ninja ur population cap autmatically inceases by 1 so i wud rather prefer to use that"1" as a unit instead of ninja. 3.the trick for dragon caln is useless as (a)maidens attack is halved (b)her defence is halved and she cant be healed unless 1 of the image die ©instead of having soo many mirror images(maiden) i wud rather have samurais or geisha on horse i hope u understood my point ^^ Enjoy
  2. which of them is ur gf.. uhmm lemme guess... NONE right!! muhhaha
  3. i vote for vyavaine.. with her bg she is almost a demigodess!! @_@
  4. hallo miss BR beauty.. still playing BR?

  5. were are your pics??

    im to stupid:P

  6. nice soo many ppl posting pics here.. ok i will post too this pic is an old photo shoot of mine.. MY BEST frnd and myself in this pic i went for an outing wid my cousins and frnds
  7. well everyone knows that I am a dragon BABE (though i suk in playin) i hate lotus as its kinda hard for a dragon to it ... i thought you loved lotus dunk o.O
  8. hahaha lol Cp u always amaze me with ur funny n witty answer......
  9. it all depends on what time u getting online....there are many players wen i go online around 7:30(INDIAN timing)...many ppl actually play br... well wen few players are online then they just tend to pass the time and wait for some more players to come online so thats why maybe they didnot played with you.....
  10. agreed... pro players shd understand that not everyone is good in playing br and has vast knowledge about it... for me after a long time i saw a topic like this which is fun to read as well as there are no "FLAMES" so far, only few misunderstandings.. HAVE FUN :I
  11. wow, your such a magnificient beauty.......

  12. i vote for archer and healer rush (on horses)... dunk i think sword rush can be easily countered by tower n archer.... instead musk rush is more effective if done properly.... (where is base rush in above options, that is the best rush ever against dragon)
  13. nice one .... i agree to you whatever u say dunk.... afterall u have a very good practise playing against lotus dont you addition to this is use of vetkin as fast as u can he can be the key to ur victory...
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