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  1. Not like that's what we needed the most. But Emoji's are here now, and a number of other new features... Extatique
  2. Mana


    Hmm... why not? Is there a story you'd like to share?
  3. Mana

    My dudes

    Got any pictures of that?
  4. Here and there 🙈

    1. fever


      Look after yourself man....haven't talked to you for a few months, hope you're doing good :)

  5. Mana

    My dudes

    I had some nasal surgery recently (along with a couple other ones in the head area). Lots of useless obstructions taken out. Some perhaps useful but enlarged things removed as well. Deviated septum is *hopefully* correct now. Germans seem to love pain and do not believe in using real painkillers, at least the Bavarians. Worst pain of my life, it even extended into my ear as they say it's all connected there. Those were some of the worst 2 weeks of my life. Had 2 bleeds, some a week or so after the surgery. That was somewhat scary. Ringing in the ears, vision fading. Then only the heart increases it's rate and re-calibrates, then things fade back in. Apparently it will take months until my blood is back to normal. So just a little update on myself for those of you who are still around.
  6. Hiya, just thought I should share this as I had it for a while (a year?!) and somehow forgot about it: http://www.battlerealms.cc/H20_Unpack.zip This is a command line tool which is run in the command prompt. With this you can extract sounds, music, textures and anything else that is located inside a .H2O file archive. Enjoy
  7. Happy New Year Everyone!
  8. If anyone needs a Infinite Warfare PS4 beta code I have some extras. Send me a message.

  9. Well derp. That's what I get for trying to use php on Windows. Back on Linux again. Speed is much improved. We should be good now. Unless I configured something wrong. Which is possible. Spent way too much time trying different settings. :wacko:

    1. fever


      Nice one Mana...good old php being php

    2. Gregor8356


      hahaha different settings hahaha sounds familiar to me
      I always try different settings and possibilities and sometimes i don't see the end of tests 

  10. OK, and we're back. Still have a few issues that I need to fix though.

    1. Se7en


      Dunno about everyone else, but the forums are slow as fuck for me ATM.

    2. Mana


      Yeah, I am working on fixing that.

    3. Gregor8356


      yeah I agree some time it take many resources from pc

  11. I'm planning to re-configure the server tomorrow or the next day. During that time the forums and some other parts will be unavailable. Just a heads up. :)

    1. CashPrizes


      Danke schon. Cause you know, you should've already learned the basics. :D

  12. Mana

    battlenet Security Check

    According to google we're not the only ones. That's kinda weird. But whatever Guess they don't want us to play WoW. Fine with me.
  13. Mana

    battlenet Security Check

    I got banned from World of Warcraft on my Battle.net account. Funny thing is I don't own or have ever played WoW on that account. And I'm pretty sure my account wasn't compromised either. I don't really care since I'm banned from just that one game. But I'm kinda curious what the shit happened here. Did someone somehow login to my account (doubtful), buy WoW and then do something to get banned? All without triggering any of those emails or warnings? Hmm... Is there some way to check recent logins/locations without contacting support?
  14. With IPB 3.4.8 nearing end of life it seemed like now was a good time to get the forums fixed up and switched over to the newer version. Due to our Battle Realms downloads switching to another forum suite was not a good option. As there was no easy way to convert them into another suite. At the moment our forum software is missing some of the features that we used before. Which is why I have taken this long to update. Usually I'm one of the first to get on the latest version but in this case it was different. There also some new things included as well and other things are the same just changed somewhat. I'm aware of some of the missing things/permission issues and will try to restore what I can over the next week. But feel free to post your comments/concerns here and I'll try to see what I can do and get back to you.
  15. I wasn't able to replicate the issues with what I have available to me. Might just be something on your side
  16. Made some changes for the notifications. Should have more options available now. What browser is the tablet using?
  17. The way that works did change. So check if you are still subscribed. I thought it got converted over. Or at least it mentioned during the upgrade that there was a change to the way it works... don't recall exactly.
  18. Mana

    Anyone play D&D?

    Should be getting better now. Do keep me updated if there's anymore problems.
  19. Version


    Battle Realms Battle Pack 3 Comprehensive also includes Battle Pack 1 and 2. This updates Battle Realms v1.00/10 to 1.50g. Full update notes follow: BattlePack 3 Release Notes -------------------------------------- Doubled most units' HP to extend battle duration, with exceptions. Increased all Missile Damage by 25%. Reduced all fire values by 25%. Increased Building HP by 25%. Increased the cost of Watchtowers for all clans. Lowered the cost of the Dragon Dojo by 25 rice. Increased the attack power of Spearmen, Werewolves, Chemists, Peasants, Longtooth and Kazan. Halved Yin/Yang acquisition rate. Reduced Yin/Yang acquisition rate when in your own base. Implemented BattleGear priority/breaking system - for example, Druidess Entangle can now stop a Dark Canopy'ing Staff Adept. Fixed Brother Sehk's stamina drain rate to be consistent with the other Brothers'. Warlock enemy stamina drain ability only affects melee attackers now. Changed the Ronin Blood Bond damage distribution - 50% to bonder, 100% to bondee. Halved the chance of being thrown from a horse. Peasants and cloaked Ninja may no longer push boulders. Adjusted duration of all time-based BattleGear to match changes in battle length. Adjusted damage of all attack BattleGear, such as Whirling Spear, so as not to ruin the flow of battle. Improved Garrin's stamina regeneration rate. Reduced damage of Diseased One's Rotting Pool, changed to Magic damage. Getting Glass Sword now completely robs the Swordsman of all stamina until it is used. Chemist Mandrake Spores now fires off of a Rocket and reduces attack strength instead of armor. Cannoneer's Smoke Bomb is no longer stackable. Increased the duration of the Samurai's Yang Blade BattleGear. Increased the damage and radius of the Dragon Monument. Increased the fire value on Lotus Shadow Steeds' Infernal Breath ability. Changed Geisha Fire Shield to explosive damage, increased duration. Increased the stamina required to heal on all healer units. Reduced the benefit of heal-enhancing Techniques, such as Art of Massage. Reduced the radius of the Swordsman mugging BattleGear. Raised the stamina Cost of the Spearman Whirling Spear BattleGear. Increased the duration of the Dragon Warrior's Chi Shield, added health regeneration. Increased the effectiveness of Grayback's Wolf Howl BattleGear. Gave identifiable weaknesses to most heroes. Reduced piercing damage resistance of the Chemist, Fan Geisha, Leaf Disciple and Hurler. Musketeers can no longer shoot through Dark Canopy or Dragon Skin, and no longer cause melee-activated abilities, such as Fire Shield, to react. Reduced Dark Pact's armor bonus. Doubled the rate at which poison damage is meted out. Lotus Brothers can no longer enter Watchtowers. Adjusted and standardized all units' line of sight. Standardized missile unit ranges when in watchtowers. Adjusted watchtower attack ranges to give more room to melee attackers. Fixed some minor building refund value issues. While placing mines, the Cannoneer is more vulnerable to attack. Blood Bonded units will no longer be bonded once they enter watchtowers. All visible status-affecting objects, such as Wolf Totem and Death Sentry, can now be easily targeted for destruction. Adjusted strengths and weaknesses of all Zen Master units to more closely match other units'. BattlePack 2 Release Notes -------------------------------------- Shipping the World Editor Three new multiplayer maps: Four Gods’ Garden (8). Rook’s Desolation (7). Vetkin’s Redoubt (3). Ctrl-Left click a unit or its portrait to select all units of that type on screen (just like double clicking). Granting Battle Gear (such as the Brothers or Druidess) can now be cast on units via the unit portrait. Ctrl-C selects all combat units on screen. Shift-I selects all idle peasants. The cursor will now change context when in Force-Attack mode and hovering over Death Sentry, Totems, etc. Dragon Geisha heal stamina cost reduced. Kabuki Warrior’s Flash Powder BattleGear effect is no longer stackable. Unclean One’s innate Darkness death effect was reduced. Zombies now talk! You can now sort the ingame multiplayer lobby by any column, ascending or descending. Fixed a problem with players’ pings spiking while waiting in the multiplayer lobby. Fixed a problem with horses becoming invisible. Fixed problem with acquiring yin/yang or Lotus Brother stamina when attacking trees or rocks. Fixed bug where you could always see enemy Death Sentries, Totems, etc. through fog-of-war. Fixed bug with Musketeers sometimes not attacking with Sniper scope enabled. Fixed bug with Monk rearing up to the side of his horse. Fixed Shrapnel Keg projectile model. Fixed bug where peasant hut gather points sometimes showed a gather water cursor when not over water. Drag selecting over multiple buildings will now only play the building sound for the one that gets selected. Swapped Vital Points and Poisoned Weapons on help screen. Chat sound default now works properly. Percent symbol always visible in "Getting list of game servers" message. Fixed bug with the Necromancer being counted as a Zen Master kill in the stats. Invisible units are now revealed on the minimap when the player has lost all of his buildings. Fixed bug with the GameSpy lobby not displaying the game setting. Fixed bug with horses being blinded (such as by Smoke Bombs). Fixed bug where you could not target (force-attack) magic objects if other objects were in the same location (like rice or trees). Units that morph (Lycanthropy, Rebirth, Rite of Ascension) will now maintain the group they were part of. Fixed bug where players could use Building Destruction hotkey (Ctrl-D) to destroy enemy buildings. Difficulty in single player now affects skill level armor multipliers, so easy and normal difficulty levels will now be easier. In Multiplayer Lobby, now you cannot select a player color that is already in use. Fixed bug involving delays in sending ingame chat messages. Fixed bug allowing players to get Zen Arrows to stay around forever. Fixed bug where the Leaf Brother could obtain stamina by attacking your own trained horses, wolves, etc. Made Serpent Cannoneer mines less useful in melee combat by lengthening the mine-placing animation. Various single player-only fixes. BattlePack 1 (Fixes Included) -------------------------------------- Fixed some problems with the copy protection's inability to read the CD (Crash to Desktop bug) Fixed crash bug with systems that had a firewall disabling network traffic (The DGram::Socket error) Fixed crash bug when task-switching (Alt-TAB) out of the game Fixed a couple of save game bugs Fixed a freeze bug when using the Archer's Zen Arrow Fixed a bug in the multiplayer lobby with the Start button sometimes not working Brightness setting now gets saved between runs Save screen now has a Delete button Three new multiplayer/skirmish maps!
  20. Yes there are, a few. I added them back to the index as well. Do elaborate.
  21. Also you can login with your email as well.
  22. Passwords should have been converted. But that and clearing cookies won't hurt things either if there are some login issues. I will also be working on the forum layout. Because as it is now... it doesn't really work.
  23. Mana

    !!Night Fright!!

  24. I'm back. Now in Hahnbach, Germany. Just got the fastest internet available here. Took 2 weeks for the technician to come install it. But atleast I now have the best internet ever. 5mbps down, 2 up. :(

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      You chose to live in the outback. That's the price to pay. ;)

    3. fever


      2 weeks to install it, in Germany? I'm surprised. Still, there are other beautiful things to enjoy...the beer, the girls, the countryside...oh and that sexy language...PFFFT, oh god I'm sorry...OK, I made that last one up...We all know it sounds like a horse falling down some stairs

    4. Se7en