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  1. Mana


    Hmm... why not? Is there a story you'd like to share?
  2. Mana

    My dudes

    Got any pictures of that?
  3. Here and there 🙈

    1. fever


      Look after yourself man....haven't talked to you for a few months, hope you're doing good :)

  4. Not like that's what we needed the most. But Emoji's are here now, and a number of other new features... Extatique
  5. Mana

    My dudes

    I had some nasal surgery recently (along with a couple other ones in the head area). Lots of useless obstructions taken out. Some perhaps useful but enlarged things removed as well. Deviated septum is *hopefully* correct now. Germans seem to love pain and do not believe in using real painkillers, at least the Bavarians. Worst pain of my life, it even extended into my ear as they say it's all connected there. Those were some of the worst 2 weeks of my life. Had 2 bleeds, some a week or so after the surgery. That was somewhat scary. Ringing in the ears, vision fading. Then only the heart increases it's rate and re-calibrates, then things fade back in. Apparently it will take months until my blood is back to normal. So just a little update on myself for those of you who are still around.
  6. If anyone needs a Infinite Warfare PS4 beta code I have some extras. Send me a message.

  7. Well derp. That's what I get for trying to use php on Windows. Back on Linux again. Speed is much improved. We should be good now. Unless I configured something wrong. Which is possible. Spent way too much time trying different settings. :wacko:

    1. fever


      Nice one Mana...good old php being php

    2. Gregor8356


      hahaha different settings hahaha sounds familiar to me
      I always try different settings and possibilities and sometimes i don't see the end of tests 

  8. OK, and we're back. Still have a few issues that I need to fix though.

    1. Se7en


      Dunno about everyone else, but the forums are slow as fuck for me ATM.

    2. Mana


      Yeah, I am working on fixing that.

    3. Gregor8356


      yeah I agree some time it take many resources from pc

  9. I'm planning to re-configure the server tomorrow or the next day. During that time the forums and some other parts will be unavailable. Just a heads up. :)

    1. CashPrizes


      Danke schon. Cause you know, you should've already learned the basics. :D

  10. According to google we're not the only ones. That's kinda weird. But whatever Guess they don't want us to play WoW. Fine with me.
  11. I got banned from World of Warcraft on my Battle.net account. Funny thing is I don't own or have ever played WoW on that account. And I'm pretty sure my account wasn't compromised either. I don't really care since I'm banned from just that one game. But I'm kinda curious what the shit happened here. Did someone somehow login to my account (doubtful), buy WoW and then do something to get banned? All without triggering any of those emails or warnings? Hmm... Is there some way to check recent logins/locations without contacting support?
  12. I wasn't able to replicate the issues with what I have available to me. Might just be something on your side
  13. Made some changes for the notifications. Should have more options available now. What browser is the tablet using?
  14. The way that works did change. So check if you are still subscribed. I thought it got converted over. Or at least it mentioned during the upgrade that there was a change to the way it works... don't recall exactly.
  15. Mana

    Anyone play D&D?

    Should be getting better now. Do keep me updated if there's anymore problems.
  16. Yes there are, a few. I added them back to the index as well. Do elaborate.
  17. Also you can login with your email as well.
  18. Passwords should have been converted. But that and clearing cookies won't hurt things either if there are some login issues. I will also be working on the forum layout. Because as it is now... it doesn't really work.
  19. With IPB 3.4.8 nearing end of life it seemed like now was a good time to get the forums fixed up and switched over to the newer version. Due to our Battle Realms downloads switching to another forum suite was not a good option. As there was no easy way to convert them into another suite. At the moment our forum software is missing some of the features that we used before. Which is why I have taken this long to update. Usually I'm one of the first to get on the latest version but in this case it was different. There also some new things included as well and other things are the same just changed somewhat. I'm aware of some of the missing things/permission issues and will try to restore what I can over the next week. But feel free to post your comments/concerns here and I'll try to see what I can do and get back to you.
  20. I'm back. Now in Hahnbach, Germany. Just got the fastest internet available here. Took 2 weeks for the technician to come install it. But atleast I now have the best internet ever. 5mbps down, 2 up. :(

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      You chose to live in the outback. That's the price to pay. ;)

    3. fever


      2 weeks to install it, in Germany? I'm surprised. Still, there are other beautiful things to enjoy...the beer, the girls, the countryside...oh and that sexy language...PFFFT, oh god I'm sorry...OK, I made that last one up...We all know it sounds like a horse falling down some stairs

    4. Se7en
  21. And we're back. Bit of a config issue earlier today.

  22. But... but... the things that make TF2.. well TF2! Random damage (damage ranges), critical hits (one crit rawket can take out the entire team while they are capturing a point!). Those were part of TF2 for years! Changing that, well it just changes things! ~10 years later they started removing (some of) these things. Seemingly randomly in that one update a little while back. After claiming that they never balanced the game for this. Is it really happening? Can they make it work? Well they changed their mind at some point and did things they say they wouldn't do. Plus the TF2 store makes good money. So why not. Right? At the very least, it could be end up being lots of fun. Regardless of what they said before or the balancing issues. Even if it's badly balanced, could be fun for some time. Something new for TF2. I'll just say that I'm cautiously optimistic about it.
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