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  1. Later pain. gl with your thingies
  2. Kartabon

    Good Bye Mates

    Well guys, i left for a single reason, and I said why I was here from the beggining but mana didnt take me into the guild competition team So i left :/
  3. Kartabon

    Good Bye Mates

    Yes mana, i was on IRC, but sometimes I had to retry 500# to get in, and sometimes it didnt get in in the entire day, so I desisted to get in.... I requested you to change IRC server, but you didnt want and I understand the decision, and of course, that isn't the reason of my leave. Hf guys, hope we will fight on next saturday (i was going to play against you yesterday, but we didnt can)
  4. Kartabon

    Good Bye Mates

    I'll try to be there... And mana, my problem is of every1 known: I cant join to IRC because my ISP is G-Lined... I dont know how many times I must tell you that But it's true, i wasn't there yesterday on msn... That was my fault.
  5. Kartabon

    Good Bye Mates

    Well, Im going out of this guild mates... I've passed good moments with you but, since i feel apart from you not taking me into any tourney (and im in this guild from its creation) I've decided to go with WWRTF. I wish you good luck and to get better and better. Have fun guys!
  6. I think they did right with that... Kuju is relaxing with a great game and making it worse than it was at its release...
  7. Lev dice: Dunk must be so sad >_> Lev dice: Disliked by all Lev dice: ROFL Lev dice: >_> Karta ?DK?? ? Searching AGP Graphic Card... mine is really broken dice: lol Ott Madis dice: heh Ott Madis dice: too bad for him
  8. Kartabon

    Dg Match

    18th of this month? GREAT I will be available if you want me in the team :D
  9. Finally lhork :D Hope see you in the battlefield soon
  10. Kartabon

    Clan Match

    I would like to kick some asses xD
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