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  1. yeah we all had it .. a friend of mine download it from your link Ben futsalfred: i guess we'll delete it
  2. well the problem was this .. we were playing with the XP AI and i guess that was the cause .. cuz when we played with ordinary AI profiles(grayback, kenji etc) we didn't have any problems
  3. i restarted my computer and made the server again and it keeps doing the same thing ... we're not using any trainers or stuff like that and i don't have any unnecessary programs running ... we'll try again today
  4. i have a problem with BR WOTW 1.50q ... when i play on LAN with my friends, we play for a couple of minutes and then on screen appears Sync Error Players dropped ... but their peasents and buildings remain and they're still generating peasents but they're not moving ... could you please help me ?
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