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    By far the prettiest map that exists for Battle Realms, certainly the prettiest map from any RTS I have ever played. The bases all feel unique to build in, it is a shame that you cannot pick a starting location in this game, but I have started in 3 of them so far. Starting in Serpent Holm is great, but I feel it could use a bit more flat terrain up there in places. AI do not do too great up there. Also I usually like to have at least 2 huts around the rice field but that cannot be achieved up there. The bottom right location in the swampy area is the worst place to start and the AI can end up getting wrecked quite fast down there. I am unsure what is wrong with it, I think it is just too many hills and you have to stretch the base out too long making it hard to defend. I confess though, I have mainly been doing Free-for-All on this map with AI. The swamp area looks great though, I think I was able to build the necromancers throne in that area. Oh one slight bug, but likely came to light because of me insisting on doing Free-for-All. The really epic looking bridge at the top of the map can on occasion make units get stuck. I think it was actually possible to "block" the bridge with units making the enemy units unable to engage in combat, I had archers on my side of the river and they were unable to send units across to deal with them. Buuuut, the bridge looks epic, so I'd rather it be left slightly buggy than it be removed
    Possibly my favourite map of yours to play with AI due to the large areas to build in and detail everywhere in the map. I prefer maps where the AI build as much as possible, I think I have seen Wolf build a Keep on this one, which I find quite rare for them to do. I guess they don't build the keep on all maps due to space.
  1. AI sometimes get stuck here exploring, and the similar section on the right hand side of the map. Although I have no idea how one would fix this.
  2. Shoot2Kill


    Love this map, my friend also really enjoyed. However, I feel that there is a slight imbalance between the bases. For instance, I feel the team on the right, should be able to build their throne/dragon in the safest portion of the island here at the back. The left team can fit 2 of such size structures on the safe part at the back, you can fit the throne/dragon here and on the beginning of the hill, which I feel gives them an advantage I feel like there is an imbalance in defending from the water, the team on the right, cannot place a tower in a decent location, due to a small hill. You could place the tower to the bottom of this hill, but then I feel the hill gets in the way. When I played this map against a friend, I ended up placing a tower quite far to the right of those trees there, making my entire base feel really small in comparison to the other side of the island. I think to fix this it should be flat here on the hill, similar to the other side Here, you can place the tower on the hill, with the height advantage, and clearly overlooking the water path. The left team also gets that nice little beach bit to build on, but I am unsure if that additional bit means that the left team has more building space overall, I think it does. My friend was also able to build there, it seemed like the space on the left side of the map is better.
  3. Incredible. You are certainly the most talented Battle Realms mapper, the way you decorate the maps by positioning objects the way you do is great. The caves, shrines and random details are what I think is missing from a lot of stock and custom maps, they really add the spiritual aspect of the game. Hope to see more from you if you find the time! Also, I notice from your screenshots you do not use the increased FOV mod? The maps you make are so detailed that when played in combination with the increased FOV the game as a whole looks amazing. The HD models unlocker mod I would recommend as well.
  4. View File !!Night Fright!! NIGHT FRIGHT To visit THE LOTUS HIDEOUT click here! Submitter Shoot2Kill Submitted 09/26/2006 Category Maps  
  5. File Name :: !!Night Fright!! Author :: Shoot2Kill Category :: Maps Screenshot :: Description :: NIGHT FRIGHT FOR MORE INFO AND SCREENSHOTS OF THE MAP CLICK HERE View File
  6. Yes all the games, and toons i created along with the site only using, Macromedia Flash 8 frontpage freewebs You can also now find my creations on newgrounds.com and stickpageportal.com just search James Davis in the author box And i recently have made a battlerealms site, (usualy down cos used up bandwidth) http://www.freewebs.com/thelotushideout/
  7. To get my new map visit my half decent site known as the lotus hideout! www.freewebs.com/thelotushideout and also tell me what you think of it
  8. 4,102 downloads

    NIGHT FRIGHT To visit THE LOTUS HIDEOUT click here!
  9. Please vote, my site is called jdsfactory i am james davis the owner. tell me what you think My Webpage Its looking better than it used to tell me what you think its nice to have some feedback. i am thinking of makeing an interactive site when you walk around the factory which i may do at some point.
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