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  1. @ Merry X-mas @

  2. Name randomizer about 2 years ago.
  3. Wow, I honestly thought that everyone understood sarcasm......but wtf man. We all know who pandemic is, please stop making threads.
  4. You build it, and then I destroy it. That's the way it goes.
  5. Camail

    Pepsi Is Stupid

    I'm glad that calorie died.
  6. Camail

    Attn: Camail

    You can't eat my pizza, my pizza eats you.
  7. It only works on mana's because he allows it in his special servers.
  8. Anyone want to guess who will ragequit first?
  9. Knockout punch time, people function differently, if we all had the same intelligence then we would not have the diverse feelds of science that we do now. This extends to everything else. Seeing as I'm able to agree with both and still use less words makes me e-penis bigger.
  10. Camail

    Mini's Back!

    It is crucial though, so make it happen!
  11. Do we really need to get into this again? I'm just going to say I'm right and end this, because in the end I don't care if I convince you, no one seems to be defending you so this is pretty much case closed.
  13. Should I pull up the Torch incident, its this simple, credentials don't matter and all who think they do obviously phail at life. What it comes down to is this, if you keep making excuses for a God that was created for an age where the Roman empire ruled everyone then you inhibit cultural and scientific development that can lead to actual truths that have been study and criticized over and over again. If an idea can take criticism without having to pull the 'belief' card, then it doesn't hold up. I'm not against practicing well being or being peaceful, but when you look at what you REALLY support when you put that label on yourself as a christian, or a jew, or a Hindu, you are stating that you believe you can only find answers out of that spectrum of thought. When that is said, our advancement as a civilization is dead. I'm sick of all this, and also, I think we need to make it a rule that its two shots per pic he posts of himself. Pace yourself or you'll die. And don't pull the popularity card ruc, you're just some random guy who plays our DoD:S servers. (not that I'm saying people actually like yousuck)
  14. Camail

    Mini's Back!

    We'll make the races in the orgy proportional to the percentage you are of each race, how about that?
  15. Amateur skins belong on amateur servers.
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