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  1. Mr Pain


    i had heard plasma left lotus, and than he invited me to his clan. I rejected that invitation due to the fact that they are pretty immature, i had accepted their group invitation thinking what harm is there in joining a group... apparently after about a month and having played on their server on twice, i get banned from lotus servers. Funny thing is that steam doesn't let me leave their group, don't know why. steam id can be found in this page http://stats.lotusclan.com/tf2/player.php?id=17
  2. crosshair sounds better than reticial
  3. Mr Pain


    i bashed the shit out of a vid on youtube with the same name, and the it was about TF2 snipers.
  4. it mainly has do do with the graphics card. maybe an error from 2fort causing overheating.
  5. i usually wouldn't say this but you had it coming.
  6. surfing?? in TF2, wtf are you talking about, what have i been missing (if of course i've missed anything).
  7. Take note people, this is what you say when you don't have anything smart to say. Mana's attempt in being badass just got him pwnd.
  8. Mr Pain


    oh i've seen these, i liked and disliked engination not going to get into why though, and mass ai was phenomenal.
  9. it's happened to me, but i put more effort into trying to talk to them, lol
  10. thanx for posting, i like it. I would like to add that there should only be one spy per team, when there is more than one, the other one cancels out the first.
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