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  1. This thread is hilarious. The whole history of a TF2 nerd who turned from an internet troll to trolling into girls vaginas.
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/98932[email protected]/sets/72157635057853093/ Hit me up if you guys are in Vegas (21+)
  3. I got a few much better complete Vegas pull videos but this one is the first one I was able to finish editing. There is minimal removal of content and all the transitions are there. I took out some of the dance stuff which had no dialogue. Feel free to ask questions. I consider this NOT solid game. However, I still made it work. At the time of the pull, the attraction wasn't amazing. I had no comfort with her, and we didn't even make out. I basically just persisted. Once back at the hotel, I had to run comfort from there as the club patio was closed and I could not run any verbal dialogue there. Only the dance floor was open and it was too loud. The dialogue in the hotel will be next week. This is more of a rusty pull that I managed but mainly because I was persistent.
  4. 2% vs 0.1%. Margin of error 2000%. Herpa derpa.
  5. Actually its more like 98% the same between Chimps and Humans. Learn some biology newb.
  6. Each year the US homocide is 5.5 per 100,000 people which translates to 17 thousand. I am sure there are plenty of interracial killings and I don't see why this one got blown out of proportion. Are there racial stereotypes in America? Yes. But blowing this out of control just makes it worse. It just amplifies tension between races. If you want Black people to not have negative stereotypes, change the fact that that Black men are 8x more likely to go to jail than White counter parts. Same with Asians. We get stereotyped for being shy, weak, beta. Instead of complaining. Go to the fucking gym, get some muscles and learn to be alpha, take a public speaking class. If everyone did that, stereotypes would change.
  7. I'm a nice guy really! I'm never the first person to talk shit
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