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  1. KillerKeg

    Portal 2 Released

    I didn't do the potato sack bs. I already have all the valve games, anyway, so it doesn't look like I missed out on much. I did play a few rounds of Audiosurf but I have had that game for a while. As far as Portal 2, it was a decent game and co-op is definitely fun. However certain parts of the gameplay feel consolized. Crouch jump seems fucked up and you can't just pick up all the shit lying around like keyboards and mice like you could in Portal. Also all the railings are just high enough that you can't jump on them with the messed up crouch jump. This drives me crazy since I always jump on all that crap. Oh, and introducing FUCKING UN-IMERSIVE ANIMATED LOADING SCREENS TO THE HALFLIFE UNIVERSE.
  2. Who even has time to make this shit.
  3. KillerKeg

    The I.r.l. Thread

    Yeah. I'm on a long vacation until then.
  4. KillerKeg

    The I.r.l. Thread

    I don't do anything irl. At least not until late July when medschool starts.
  5. KillerKeg


    Phantasmo finally got the game so if anyone wants to play with us you can add me, "killerkeg".
  6. I don't know about you, but I love being a dick in online games. I also love listening to music while I watch my teammates die to an obvious spy, because those fags deserved it.
  7. Nikon D90 with standard 18-55mm kit lens. The great thing about the D90 is that the sensor is awesome. You can crank the ISO up (like 1600) and take pictures at night and barely notice any noise, and still take decent pictures without a tripod.
  8. I am 196cm tall and it is awesome. And I am not fat so it is even better. Shit, now I wish I was back in China for multiple reasons.
  9. KillerKeg

    Mortal Kombat

    I love how they throw in all the cheesy one liners from the game. "Find Shang Tsung...and FINISH HIM".
  10. Yeah I went there in May/June '09 and everything was under construction for Expo. And then living there from January until May this year I got to see a lot of the BS the communists did for Expo as well, like make people get their bags screened just to go on the subway, or forcing local bands to stop playing live shows and shutting down the venues. I went to Expo my last weekend there, it was ok but the lines were long. And I fucking hate Haibao. I forgot to buy a stuffed doll version before I left, I was going to shoot it and send the video to my friends in Shanghai. Another pic of the Bund in Shanghai: This was during Spring Festival (Chinese new year): I also went to Yunnan province: And Sichuan Province: And a few reasons I love the USA:
  11. Yeah I know a little bit of 普通话 now and can read/write some (simplified) 汉字。
  12. and the first thing I notice is: America is full of morbidly obese people, politics is obsessed with race, and some faggot named Justin Bieber is popular. I'll even take K-pop over that.
  13. This is true, the demoman is indeed overpowered.
  14. If you are a homosexual you say "soldier" as "solly". And you play as "solly". You also say "shotgun" as "shotty". Actually it probably means you are 12. Back to raping soldiers with my bottle.
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