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  1. Melissia

    Team Fortress 2 Now Free To Play

    lol, and Steam says it'll take 15 hours to download.
  2. Melissia

    Ban Request - Tetrahydrocannabinol

    Or at least rename him to "The Douche-Mobile" for amusement's sake.
  3. Melissia

    Ban Request - Batman

    Why is this thread filled with stupidity? Oh wait, it's because THC posted. Hrm.
  4. Melissia

    Ban Request - Batman

    A pity, given the rampant racism going on in the CSS servers.
  5. Melissia

    Dranearian Votekick Abuse

    Stock maps 2 is the same as it's been all year.
  6. Melissia

    Dranearian Votekick Abuse

    Stocks 2 is the server mana gives a shit about the least.
  7. Melissia


    Well this thread started downhill and quickly sloped into a vertical drop.
  8. Melissia

    Dranearian Votekick Abuse

    Yes, if he repeatedly abuses it, then report it again. But don't jump the gun if it happens just once.
  9. Melissia

    "fuck China People" - Aimbot

    Well either way-- spread prevention or aimbot-- that shaking is unnatural and his ban is well-deserved. Hope he gets VAC-banned too.
  10. Melissia

    "fuck China People" - Aimbot

    I did not manage to catch his SteamID, but I did manage to look up his steam user page. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022699405/ I'm unsure how to get his SteamID after he's logged off, so pardon me for missing it. He was votebanned for aimbotting, and it was pretty blatant (quite hilariously bad). The voteban took place around ~1:55 PM central I believe, possibly a few minutes earlier. Here's the demo: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GIQRCOG0
  11. Melissia

    Ban Request

    lol, "customer".
  12. Melissia

    Tf2 Badwater Spy On Your Server :p

    Works on my ATI card. Dunno. It's a feature that was added in with the engy update.
  13. Melissia

    Ban Request

    Being an asshole to the admins is hardly a good way to get something accomplished.
  14. Melissia

    People On Tf2 Servers

    Lol, if Lotus members were given the right to voteban that would be the only thing that we get (there's no real benefit to being a member at the moment). But I think votebans are too necessary to restrict like that. If a donator abuses their voteban function, report them and have them banned.