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  1. I want it so much, I haven't posted on here in like 2 years... but here i am! voting!
  2. This is how far I got, and even then I'll never get that time added back to my life
  3. friedrice

    I Hate Fedex

    I thought DHL stopped doing business in the US, or at least on the consumer level. Anyway, I love FedEx. Their website is way beyond UPS and DHL. Although, I have been using USPS a lot more lately. Plus, I can pick up some nice big boxes when I go to the post office for my two cats to play in
  4. friedrice

    District 9

    I like how people say they didn't like a movie because such and such is impossible. They said Bees shouldn't be able to fly due to the size of their body compared to the size and shape of their wings. But somehow they fly. Everyone thinks they are a scientist just because they can read Wikipedia.
  5. I was checking out the roster and noticed my name was formatted wrong in the failures column. Currently it's listed as "friedrice" instead of "fried rice". Being a failures list in general, I wouldn't care, but I noticed that other people had spaces. I thought I would take a stand being one of the proud 345+ failures and demand names to be formated correctly... or at least mine. I don't really care about anyone elses.
  6. Welcome to the world of windows! You'll find you can run so many different types of software and do things your mac could never even dream about
  7. friedrice

    District 9

    Just got back from see District 9 and just wanted to say the movie is awesome. It is by far the best action movie of the year, which is saying a lot considering it's not primary an action movie. (looking at transformers, x-men, etc) It's just the action scenes, the way each person dies, and the one liners are so thought out you won't be sure if you should cheer when someone gets gibbed, or look away. On the topic of gibbage, this movie is violent, but in a different way. I've never seen Saw or movies like it because I simply can't handle that type of gore. District 9 is like watching someone play Quake. Ya there's blood rainbows but somehow it manages to be a sight of beauty. O, and there's a gravity gun. Only instead of throwing crates or barrels with it, he throws a pig. w00t!
  8. You are correct, you would have to call it something else. That's the idea. Call it "Best of stocks and custom 24/7"?
  9. If you read how KotH works, you would think its like Arena. But when you play it, its nothing like Arena. I vote to just throw a couple of the better KotH maps on the stock server. KotH is fun for a while, but after a few matches you'll be ready to move on. Which is fine, since after 10 mins you'll be able to vote for a new map anyway. On the note of custom servers, why must all servers be either 100% custom or 100% stock? I say mix and match and get the best of both worlds on one server.
  10. Small price to pay considering how many other things the new patch fixes or improves. This is a long overdue patch. Although, what's with the taking off semi-automatic from the pistols. Honestly, were the pistols that over powered? O well...
  11. I wrote something, but when I hit submit I timed out. shazbot
  12. For me it depends on the mood. I usually prefer Cherry Pepsi over Cherry Coke, but for some odd reason Coke fountain drinks taste better than Pepsi. However, the end all argument is that Coke tastes much much MUCH better with rum than Pepsi. Rum and Pepsi is just straight nasty
  13. Is it just me, or when seeing the Lotus Clan banner make you want to get a Coke Cola
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