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  1. yes we are, I am CEO of awesome every day of my life.
  2. Space is not infinite, at least they believe they cant find an edge to it because it is ever expanding from a center point (Big Bang theory) some scientists believe that it will eventually over extend itself by expanding so far and rip itself in half (Big Tear/Rip? theory) There is the simple fact that. We. Don't. Know. We LITERALLY cannot see the current universe, once we look at stars and galaxies through a telescope we look into the past. Those objects are SO far away that we are seeing images that are taking LIGHTYEARS to reach us (amount of distance light can travel in one earth year, ITS A LARGE NUMBER) in fact we are at any one time seeing the Sun.. (6) minutes in the past? Its somewhere around there but I cant be arsed to look it up. If you think about it, the universe could be exploding in those distant shots, or a star could have burned out 500,000 years ago, we would not know because they are so far away the light we are seeing has taking a VERY long time to reach us. This is also why I believe we can never leave this solar system and make it anywhere else before a human life ends of old age and faster than light travel cannot ever exist, faster than light travel would be time travel. If you turned on a flash light and pointed it at a wall, then moved faster than the light coming out of the flashlight to the wall, wouldn't you see yourself turn on the flashlight? And if you had done that, wouldn't you have seen yourself against the wall before you turned the flashlight on? /rant I love space and light, it is entirely too up to speculation and theories so anything is possible really.
  3. I am inbetween 6'4" and 6'5" so Booya to tall CEOs and higher pay grade. I can understand why us Taller, more superior people get paid more. There is alot of stuff at my work I can do that no one else can't simply given my height. Also Victoreem, I believe the population is something like 60% female 40% male dude.
  4. starcraft account = Nket.nket

  5. Nket


    Dont count on any addons being allowed on Lotus servers, people find ways to abuse any possible client side crap so mana just has everything shut off. Hell you cant even see sprays or bullet holes made by other players.
  6. The war on North Korea, as illustrated by Victoreem But what the North Korean way would be is the following 1. North Korea flattens Seoul with its artillery 2. The United States blows up all artillery pieces and tanks with our OVERWHELMING air superiority (I'm fairly certain we have satellites watching all their ordinance btw) 3. Shock and Awe victory.
  7. Nket

    Tf2 L4D2

    http://kotaku.com/5513104/zombies-overrun-team-fortress-2 do it do it do it do it
  8. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi up for Time Magazine 100 most influential people. how does this make you feel? also Lady Gaga is #1 :3
  9. Does not compute. The PS3
  10. Nket

    Oh Hi.

    years for what
  11. Nket

    Oh Hi.

    WUT? World of Warcraft is a horrible addiction and should be treated as a narcotic. Also, not really WoW so much as school 5 days a week and work 5 days a week, also YALLS GAY BRAH
  12. Nket

    Oh Hi.

    So like, what is going on with this place?
  13. Nket

    Dumb Stories

    So I was feeding ducks down by the pond when one runs up and kicks me in. Soaking wet I yelled WTF DUCK, he said I DONNO LOL
  14. Nket

    Dumb Stories

    This guy walks into a bar, says ouch.
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