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  1. Pavement


    I'm pretty balling on the harmonica (serious) and I play a bit of trombone. Also the mandatory guitar.
  2. Pavement

    Stabbed In The Back, And Your To Blame

    lol Miyari, you always play on such balanced teams
  3. Pavement

    Tf2 Applet For G15 Keyboard

    My g15 is blue lights :\
  4. Pavement

    Best Map

    Warpath or Fastlane
  5. Pavement

    L4d Gone Wrong

    hahahha "YOU SUCCUBUS!" That's too funny.
  6. Pavement

    Favorite Character

    Boomer really is the bread and butter. If everyone can hide until a good 3-4 person covering, you get so much more damage in. Smokers are great if you get all 4 covered, or if there's a rooftop. Otherwise they're just too easy to stop.
  7. Pavement

    Favorite Character

    you're thinking of super mario...
  8. Pavement

    Favorite Character

    I can confirm that a headshot with hunting rifle does not 1 shot kill a witch. At least not on expert.
  9. Pavement

    Favorite Character

    I picked Louis. Not because I like to play him, but because I like to pretend he's a certain President-elect on a zombie slaying rampage.
  10. Pavement

    Post If You're Playing Tonight.

    This game is intense.
  11. Pavement

    Anarchy Effect

    3 cheers for slow internet. Saw at the bottom of the page "waiting for www.meatspin.com" and bailed. Next time put a NSFW tag
  12. Pavement

    Who Will U Vote 4 (if U Can Naturally)

    I am NOT a witch! This isn't my nose! It is a false one!
  13. Pavement

    Vitamin D and Little Miss Sunshine

    Natural selection doesn't really apply to human's anymore... we support even the most disadvantaged people enough so that they can procreate. Your argument concerning the "out of Africa" theory is imo correct; but doesn't have anything to do with what Camail said. Sure, back when it was difficult to survive, those who could produce more Vitamin D with less sun would be more successful at procreating. Now, as you said; we have AC, vitamin pills, houses, etc. No matter what kind of pigmentation you have, you have equal opportunity to reproduce. You seem to be confusing Darwin's theory with Lamarck's. Things don't evolve just because it is advantageous to the species, it HAS to be because it provides a better shot at reproduction. In this day and age, nothing stops us. Thusly, we never evolve in any particular direction.
  14. Pavement

    Soulja Boy

    Sodas boys, lets gem em. Lets grab a six pack at the store. ITS MOUNTAIN DEEEWWWWWW Crack that soda boy! ITS MOUNTAIN DEEEWWWWWW Crack that soda boy!
  15. Pavement

    Whats Up With These Stats?

    Their skill is over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND