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  1. Sinophile

    Fast Food Eating

    I just realised you pronounce pizza with a 'peat' in it!
  2. Aw cool, I remember the old days too. I might not play anymore but I'll never forget the awesome story and characters.
  3. Sinophile

    I Never Knew...

    Random note for myself: I changed my 'interests' part of my profile which I had since 2007. Id like to keep it there just for history's sake but I get sick of seeing it, its totally unco. Heres what it said: "Chinese music, Martial arts, studying and Battle Realms"
  4. I really hope Shingeki no Kyojin doesn't become the next big shonen that replaces Naruto. First arc of Naruto was excellent, after that it was just bad, with some good bits from time to time. SnK is just mediocre and there aren't enough cute girls.
  5. Now that I think abot it, in the portrait of the first Kenji it looks like he's wearing a biscuit wooden disc on his head or something. It doesn't look like anything resembling a conical peasant hat.
  6. Sinophile

    Fast Food Eating

    I disagree. When I buy food, I want it to be cheap. I want it to be tasty. I don't care if its healthy or not. If I buy food which is twice the price of a burger meal I want it to give me twice the satisfaction. Only fast food and Chinese/Indian food gives me that kind of value.
  7. The Lotus The Lotus is a remarkable aquatic plant. The flowers push through the mud and water it lives in but comes out completely unstained. The dirty water can't cling to it. This is due to a property called hydrophobicity, which is a result of the cuticle of the lotus being covered in lots of extremely small bumps. The Lotus is a symbol in Buddhism, representing enlightenment. Its also a symbol of the forbidden path that the Lotus Clan follows in Battle Realms. Their units start out juvenile, go through a stage of great suffering, pestilience and dirtiness, then finally ascend out of the filfth to become beings of pure evil. Its quite an elegant analogy.
  8. Yeah its just me and like one or two people regularly posting there. Unfortunately the Battle Realms forums has long past its heyday I'm still waiting on BR2.
  9. I reckon pick up artistry is dumb as fuck but I gotta hand it to you, your tenaciousness is admirable.
  10. In this thread, post characters which are similar to the BR characters (either by accident or on purpose). I was reading a manga called Blade of the Immortal (its pretty violent though) and in one of the chapters this character shows up... Doesn't it look like a digger from WOTW?
  11. Hey there. Sorry but there is only a Dragon/Serpent campaign in original BR and a Wolf campaign in Winter of the Wolf expansion, but no Lotus campaign. Maybe we will see one in BR2?
  12. Battle Realms is a very old game and it doesn't work well with newer graphics cards. You could try making the settings lower or something. Also it doesn't work with windows 7 that great.
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